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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old Time Sunday Hymn Sing | I Thank The Lord My Maker

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~I Thank The Lord, My Maker~
Thos. MacKellar / G.J. Webb

I thank the Lord my Maker
For all his gifts to me;
For making me partaker
Of bounties rich and free;
For father and for mother,
Who give me clothes and food,
For sister and for brother,
And all the kind and good.

I thank the Lord my Saviour
Who came for me to do die,
And bless me with his favor,
And fit me for the sky, --
That all my sins out-blotted,
By Jesus wash'd away,
I may be found unspotted
When comes the final day.

I thank Lord for giving
The Spirit of his grace,
That I may serve him living,
And dying reach the place
Where Jesus in his glory
I shall forever see,
And tell the wondrous story
Of all his love for me.


This hymn was often sung, as a mealtime prayer, in our home - while growing up - as we sat around the table.  Sometimes it was in addition to my dad saying Grace, and sometimes it was the prayer.

Today is our son's (Caleb) fourth birthday. 
This most likely will be just another hymn he'll learn, too.  One that is simple enough and one that he can relate to, as he grows in gratitude.

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