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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Question of Thanks

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Do you ever wonder why it is that we struggle to intentionally express our thanks - like we should? 

I've been thinking about this. 

last summer's flowers

The other morning I was reading in Mark chapter 3 - which is the parable of the Sower who sows his seeds, and how the different scenarios are played out regarding the soil (of the heart) and the seeds that are planted, and what happened with all of that.   Do you know the story?

I got to thinking (deeper) about the nature of my heart and it "giving thanks".  If I were to pick the one scenario that I can be like, it would be: my heart can be awfully thick with thorns.  Some seed, when planted, still will take root and grow there - but quite often there are many other things that choke out the seed (ie; the thanks) long before I know it.  Things like: Worries, Cares, Trials, Hidden Expectations, etc. all of which can represent the thorns among the soil of my heart.

Knowing this.  The question about the validity of my thanks is present.  At least from my perspective...

Am I, by nature, a thankful person or is the condition of my soil  - just thorny? 

I'm (very) grateful that God is a patient and gracious gardener.


123.  six years of marriage
124.  two beautiful children and one on the way...
125. strikingly different personalities
126. Tums and Extra-strength Tylenol
127. Thunderstorms
128. the sound of rain on the tin roof
129. local Christian Radio
130. the Lord's Faithfulness
131. a hubby who loves and who can fix computers
132. when I realized my daughter was MISSING - from her bed, in the middle of the night - that my toes felt "something" under her bed.  It was her... fast asleep.
133. a great season of MOPS -- that chapter is now ending for me (we had our last meeting, last Wednesday)
134. my brother - one of the best uncles our kids will ever know.  Like Dad, only cooler!
135. growing deeper in Quiet Time each morning; God's Word is sharp, powerful and alive!
136. Independence -in a two and three year old
137. Dependence (still) on Mommy and Daddy
138. book studies
139. answered prayers ( I know this sounds very vague and broad. Trust me - there are specific answers to prayers)

140. tucking our kids in at night
141. reading together
142. praying together
143. singing songs together
144. hugs and kisses good night

145. that my hubby will eat leftovers - willingly
146. cookbooks and exchanged recipes
147. coming downstairs to clean counters in the morning - ahh!!  (When it doesn't happen, meaning I left them go from the day/evening before - I feel grumpy and overwhelmed...)
148. scheduled play dates with friends and their kids
149. Encouragement!


  1. "Am I, by nature, a thankful person or is the condition of my soil - just thorny?

    I'm (very) grateful that God is a patient and gracious gardener."

    I, too, and so grateful for His patience with me. Stopping by from Ann's blog; really enjoyed your post!

  2. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful friend. I was thinking about you this weekend while at a writers conference. A fellow blogging writer was asking for input about how real friendships are between blogging friends. I thought of you and rejoiced before I answered. :) So thankful for my bloggy sisters.

  3. Yes, He is a gracious gardener. I like the way you said that:)

    A lovely list Bevy

  4. Thank goodness we have such a loving Gardener! Loved reading your list of thankfulness!


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