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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sharing Encouragment

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I told you that, recently, my Quiet Times with the Lord have been getting sweeter.  I'm glad.  God's Word is FULL of encouragement... and this book study that I'm doing called "Encouraging One Another" (from Women of Faith) is chock full of Scriptures that remind me again and again that encouragement is meant to be shared.

I appreciate that.

I want to grow in that.

I thrive on it (we all do) and yet, if I'm honest, I don't always believe it or take it to heart like I should.

One thought this study brought to my attention is how our relationships (mostly, as women) can stay really surfacey.  We talk about everything but... our faithwalk, our heart's deepest needs and soul desires.

The challenge I read this morning was to imagine - holding a trowel, as if a gardener, and really dig deeper into your relationships.  Don't be so "on the surface" all of the time.  Encourage Growth and a depth, in others, that maybe was never shown (or uprooted) before.  With delicacy and respect.

I know it feels safer... to stay on the surface.

It's much more fun... and relaxed.

It's not so murky... nor intense.

I often think back to the one day I got home from work to find a little heart-shaped piece of paper slipped under my apartment door.  It was a handwritten note, from my dear friend Bev (since, gone Home to be with the Lord - much too young), saying this:

I'm praying for you.  Love ya! 
Bev (smiley face)

Yes, her name was Bev, too!  Beautiful, beautiful woman of God.

I've kept that little note, for years, tucked into my Bible in the pages of Romans, Chapter 1, verses 11-12 - verses that clearly defined our friendship.  Here is the verse...

I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong  -- that is, that you and I might be mutually encouraged by each other's faith.  ~ Romans 1:11-12

This was so true of Bev - her sharing encouragement, everywhere she went and with whomever was in her life.

I really, really miss her.

Do you enjoy encouragment?  Are you as quick to share it with others as you are to receive it?  Do you struggle like me, at times, to believe the truth of other's encouragment when it's handed out?
Do you get offended if someone's gotten a little too deep and personal?

Do you know of anyone who could use your encouragement today?

These Mini Flower Baskets are really sweet, all things charming, and well.... really, really cool!!!
Tutorial HERE.

Wouldn't these flower baskets be a real sweet thing to share, with a friend, along with a note of encouragement? 

I love this idea...

And, I love this blog - Blissfully Content!  I'm so glad I've recently discovered it.  Julia consistently brings beauty and creativity and encouragement - as she reflects on motherhood and her home, alike.


  1. Oh Bev, what a beautiful post! So encouraging....I have been slipping in my quiet time with the Lord....and I really miss it! Thanks for helping me get back on track and THANKS for featuring me:). You are too sweet:).


  2. I often see good ideas out there but I love this. It's so sweet yet so simple!

    I have a wonderful friend who often calls just to give an encouragement. If no one is home he leaves it on the message machine and the whole family can't help but smile and listen when we here who it is!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Great post! Those little pots are so cute! What a wonderful idea! ♥


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