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Monday, May 9, 2011

Unlikely Thanks

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One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice.  He threw himself at Jesus' feet and thanked him - and he was a Samaritan.  ~ Luke 17:15-16 (emphasis added, mine)

What happens when the Unlikely - stop and give thanks?

This man, unlike the other nine, choose 'beyond the suspected' in which he came back, and expressed gratitude.  He was a (former) leper; unloved, unaccepted, an outcast.  A Samaritan - at that. 


When the unexpected (or unlikely) happens for me.  Am I quickly found to be giving thanks, despite what other's are expressing or doing around me - perhaps for the very same thing?

How quickly we forget, going on about our way as though we deserve this or that. 

You know, we're trying to teach our children to say "thank you" (to us and to others) when they receive something from someone.  No matter how big or how small.  I worry sometimes that it might turn into a formality.  I know I want to live my life "full of gratefulness" - and that it not simply come out of good manners. 

Do you know what I mean?

I got to thinking about this Leper Man.  He was definitely sincere. He stopped.  He turned - around. He immediately gave thanks- LOUDLY.  The other's more then likely simply forgot  (and rather quickly, I might add) - where they had been, just moments before, yet were overcome with joy.

Which is our tendency?  Grateful - but forgetting to express that fact - truly and sincerely?  Or, no matter how unlikely (or insignificant) it may seem - do other's KNOW were truly grateful?

Continuing to name the thanks... even the unlikely.

102. Sightings of a Rainbow
103. Wedding Vows - made and remembered
104. Opportunity to visit the Preschool, this morning - where my son will attend in the Fall.
105. another calf born - makes two, now
106. neighbor kids who just "come on over"
107. great date night with my hubby, last night - Go Phillies!  (except that the Braves won - and so, I'm (sincerely) grateful that my hubby got a chance to cheer - alone - amidst the Phillie Phans.)  He's a brave soul.
108. for my mother - willing to babysit - last evening
109. for Mother's Day! Cards and other expressions of love and appreciation
110. WD-40 ;), Duct Tape, lengths of string and a "redneck" hubby who isn't afraid to use them
111. sweet smelling bouquets of Lily-of-the-Valley
112. Ladies Breakfast - get together
113. another chance... to pass an exam.  (Scott's trying again tonight!)  : : UPDATE as of 8:10pm...he didn't pass (again) but we still say "thank you" for the opportunity.  The next attempt is dollar-sign FREE!  And, so we continue on...
114. growing imaginations - in little girls and in little boys...makes me smile!
115. beautiful breezes for sun-drying clothes
116. tall glass of my not-so-sweet Iced Tea
117. photos of days gone by
118. unexpected fits of laughter
119. living debt-free - and sharing our story with others.  If only it remains a blessing to those who hear.
120. hand me downs - at just the right time
121. cows happily grazing - great entertainment for the littles...
122. turning of the soil, in the flowerbeds


  1. Wonderful! Praying for you guys tonight... :)

  2. #111 - my favorite flower!
    #119 - WOW!!!

  3. I do declare - this is one of the prettiest blogs I ever did see. Love your list! SO close to #119!!

  4. love your list and no, we don't really deserve a thing.

  5. Another wonderful post! Great list and reminder to be thankful!


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