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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flowers are words which even a baby may understand. ~ Bishop Coxe

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The buttercup catches the
sun in it's chalice. 
 ~ James Russell Lowell  (1819- 1891)

Back when the meadow was full and overflowing of buttercups... the little ones would often kneel by the fence row and pick em by the handfuls.

Me: Here, let's see, do you like butter?  holding the yellow cups close under their little chins, to see...
(noting the sunny yellow reflection left behind)
I would say -  Yep, you sure do!

Kids:  giggling (running away with smiles, just as golden)

Here is just one of the many bouquets, from Aubrey's hand...

Isn't it neat - how even the littlest of souls (our babies), understand what it is that can bring on the greatest heart-patters of a gift so simple and yet so eloquent?

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