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Monday, June 13, 2011

high fives and high hopes

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Sometimes we need to be reminded of the great potential we possess.  We need someone to point out our likeness to the One who created us, to see God's image in us.  Just one little word of encouragement can make all the difference. ~ Barbara Johnson

Continuing, to count, the One Thousand Gifts...

#211. the many, many birthday well-wishes

#212. visiting with aunts - one, whose birthday we share

#213. travelling mercies

#214. memories shared

#215. hugs, kisses and "mom, I've missed you" sayings... repeatedly

#216. conversations that challenge the emotions

#217. picnics

#218. good times - more memories - great food and fellowship

#219. crayons all over the floor

#220. imaginations run wild

#221. "mom! I need you..."

#222. soft piano music

#223. cool breezes - open windows

#224. more birthday gifts - surprises - left in the door, for me to find, when I got home

#225. my sisters; Lorene, Gladys, Rachel, Juline and Martha

#226. laughter, with Rachelle (on our recent, fun shopping trip)

#227. "you're not alone" moments

#228. shared encouragement - over and over and over

#229. high fives and high hopes - serious potty training, in the works

#230. accolades from my husband's co-workers - who tell me about the "patient, knowledgeable, and good man" that he is; the one I know to be (what seems like) a "difference maker", at work, and in his humility... he says "I don't know about that".

#231. peace - in decisions made

#232. A (growing) Hunger for HIM

Do you have high hopes and been given high fives - recently?  Be encouraged... this is your "not alone" moment.

"I'm eager to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.  In this way, each of us will be a blessing to the other."  ~ Romans 1:12 (NLT)


  1. Really cool book. One Thousand Gifts- I've been reading it... Love the feeling that seems like I'm right there, in her stream of conciousness...

    Glad you had a great b-day.... :-)

    Thanks for sharing the special blessings in your life. I would not have made it through this past year, without looking for ways God has reached out to me, each day.

    Yesterday, it was one of our pastors bringing communion to me, outside the sanctuary. First time, I've taken communion there. It was like God reaching out to me, when He knew I was trying to be there, yet was physically exhausted, from a long week/weekend.

    Hope you week is good. :-)

  2. Hope your week is good. :-) I meant.

  3. Love your list of thankfulness. The last one touched my heart as I am growing in that manner, too!

  4. Great way to show us that you are blessed.


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