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Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm so thankful...

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One. To be back on line again. 

In case you've been scratching your head in wonderment as to where Bevy has been...it's because our computer was down again - voluntarily - since late Thursday night.  My husband was working on it.  It basically got blown away and rebuilt - for the second time.  However, currently I'm still unable to post any new pics at this point.  Hopefully that will change, soon.  Lord willing. 

Secondly.  I am so thankful for your faithful readership and comments in my absence.  For new blogging buddies and old ones - who check in and make sure that all is well.  I appreciate that.  It makes me feel loved and supportedI felt missed.  I have been enjoying reading and catching up with you all, too.

I will also say this... and, I think you'll understand.  It was good for me to take that unexpected blogging break too, for another couple of days.  It was a time to just "be". 

We've had another busy weekend - as well. 

Friday - I spent the day, outdoors in the absolute beautiful weather, with the kiddo's, buying and planting flowers and a couple of vegetable plants, to plant in our flowerbeds.  I know.  I feel so behind in this department.  But, all is well...now.
Doing this was rather interesting... in my condition. ;)  I was exhausted, as were the kiddo's. Both of them had a blast, though, watering the plants with their sprinkling cans (I'm afraid, the same ones over and over...it's a wonder they didn't drown them).

On Saturday morning.  Pretty early. I was privileged to lead out and bring an introduction, to the ladies of our Care group, on the book we chose to do as our book studyOne Thousand Gifts.  We also shared a lovely breakfast together... it was just simply wonderful to get out and do that.  After I got home...later...  Scott and the kids and I did a small (local) grocery shop together.  And - we even treated ourselves to dinner at a local sub and pizza shop. 

Sunday.  What a wonderful day!  All around.
We have friends, at church, a young family of five, who are planning to literally uproot their lives here in the States and permanently relocate to Argentina (Tony's homeland)...in efforts to make a difference with family and friends of Tony's - towards reaching them for the gospel.  Yesterday, they hosted a fundraiser luncheon/meal and served over 300 folks - an authentic Argentinean meal.  It was delish.  You can read more of Chris and Tony's testimony HERE.

Caleb and Aubrey had so much fun - playing with the other children, from church - outdoors and whatnot.  They were plum pooped out - at the end of the day.

Later, my mom came over in the evening - to talk - budgets and finances. ;)

Sprinkled throughout the weekend...was... a chance for some "sewing" meaning I was able to cut out about three more pair of Homespun Baby! Shoes for a couple of orders placed; studying (for Scott) and the majority of time fixing the computer; baking; laundry; catching up on a couple of phone calls; sitting on the front porch for an ice cream date night, with my man ... talking about our future, late at night, etc.

Today - is just another one of those beautiful days. I am so thankful.  Caleb and Aubrey are playing together so nicely, today.  The washline is full again...dishes are piling up and I can hardly keep myself indoors.

Happy Monday to you all!

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  1. A big amen that your computer is back to life! Really, how did we make it before without them?

    Have a blessed day!
    Stopping by from Multitude Monday!

  2. missed you!
    glad you are back and it's so nice to get that"unexpected" but much needed break.

    You don't have that much longer left mama!!!


  3. It IS good to hear from you again! Computer problems are definitely no fun, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy your break.

  4. Good to have you back...
    Sometimes those unexpected events turn out to be a welcome change (computer).


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