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Monday, June 20, 2011

My dad was a good man...

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I fully realize Father's Day was yesterday and I'm a day behind.  But, that's okay.  We'll talk about it today.

"A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children". ~ Proverbs 13:22   In the margin of my Bible I have circled the words "an inheritance" and have written words (for me to relate to) - a godly heritage, heavenly treasures.  These are what a good man leaves behind.

I was thinking about Father's Day this year as one that, for me, can be sad - because, my dad is no longer here.  It has now been 15 years since my dad has passed on to glory.  But it's more likely a day that is simply mixed of emotion.   He's HOME-FREE!  and I'll get to see him again, someday soon...Lord Willing.

I know I'm not alone in these feelings. 

My husband can identify.  His "dad-story" is not the same as mine - growing up.  Scott's dad has passed on, as well, and there are so many unanswered questions in "his story".  Yet, the Lord gave Scott a "few good years" with his dad - just before he died.  A peace was left behind that we believe Scott's father has passed on to his heavenly home.

Neither of us would say "we had the perfect dad".  We both know what a good dad is and what a good dad isn't.  We miss them - dearly.  They were/are loved.  But, they're gone and we move on...with Scott being the best dad he (now) can possibly be. 

And, let me tell you. 

He is Wonderful!!!!!!!

I found this following quote, while reading my devotional this morning.  I could really appreciate it - so I thought I would share it with you.

Written by Barbara Johnson - We come out of deep grief as different persons than we were before.  We can come out stronger, kinder, and more understanding of the problems of others, or we can come out bitter and self-pitying, uninterested of others' problems because we have so many of our own.

Maybe your dad was a good man.  Maybe not.  But, in all of our experience(s) may the day have been one of gratitude for the person(s) we are and who we are becoming, because of the influence from one to another.

Continuing with the thanks-counting... of One Thousand Gifts.
#233. hallelujah!!!! - the ant "rant" is over.

# 234. the (last) week of cooler temperatures - may it stay - just for me.  PLEASE!!!

#235. wonderful father's day weekend

#236. starting tonight... a week long, VBS (Vacation Bible School) starting up at the church I grew up in - my kids are going to love it.

#237. Sister's who take my kids out to lunch and to the park.  Gotta love them.

#238. running through the sprinkler

#239. lollipops of grape and bubblegum

#240. tall glasses of sweet lemonade - even when they get spilled

#241. friends to share coffee cake with - while out on the front porch

#242. a godly heritage, heavenly treasures

#243. good (and some-not-so-good) dad memories

#244. who I am, because of my dad

#245. fitful nights of sleep - convincing me; preparing me for this new little one's arrival

#246. when other woman can relate to swelling and the "braxton hicks".... and many weeks (10 wks., to be exact) to go.

#247. thrilled excitement from Aubrey, in news of going to the park - her dancing and twirling

#248. fireflies

#249. summer evenings - fast approaching

#250. {random?} encouragement on Sunday morning (completely blessing my socks off), from a friend who I believe God used to speak specifically something of what I needed to hear.

#251. early morning phone calls... brother to brother... Happy Father's Day!



  1. I really enjoy reading your, One Thousand Gifts, list. Makes me stop and think about mine.

  2. Bevy,
    I just wanted you to know that I am completely moved over to WordPress now, but for some strange reason, Google Friend Connect may not be picking up new posts from me so that you can see them in your Blogger Buzz updates on your dashboard (if you use that at all.) Anyway, I don't want to lose connection with you, so would you do me a huge favor and use the link and go over to the new site and either subscribe thru email, RSS feed (the dark pink flower button under "Get Connected!") or go thru Friend Connect again and see if that works. I'm so sorry about the hassle, but I really want to stay in contact with you! And I will still be reading and commenting on your blog whenever I can too! Thanks.
    Come Visit Anytime!

  3. Bevy, loved this father's day post and the quote from Barbara Johnson. WOW! Praying for cooler temps just for you! :)


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