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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Old Time Sunday Hymn Sing | Open the Wells of Salvation

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~ Open the Wells of Salvation ~
Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman / Charles Edward Pollack

Lord, I am fondly earnestly longing
Into thy holy likeness to grow;
Thirsting for more and deeper communion,
Yearning thy love more fully to know.


Open the wells of grace and salvation,
Pour the rich streams deep into my heart;
Cleanse and refine my thought and affection,
Seal me and make me pure as thou art.

Dead to the world would I be, O Father!
Dead unto sin, alive unto thee;
Crucify all the earthly within me,
Emptied of sin and self may I be.

I would be thine, and serve thee forever,
Filled with thy spirit, lost in thy love;
Come to my heart, Lord, come with anointing,
Showers of grace send down from above.

****I choose this song today... because of a sermon series that our church is currently doing.

The series is called "Hungering for God". 
Today's sermon was on our devotion to God. 
We learned much, from the first two verses of Romans chapter 12.

If you slowly read through the lyrics of this old hymn -you can sense the heart cry of the author who carefully penned the words, as though he were praying... hungering more for God.

This is my prayer, too, this week.

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  1. What a beautiful site. Thank you for the hymn "Open the wells of salvation." My husband had it tucked in his memory and we were searching and searching for the words. So thank you so much for having the whole song posted. What a blessing.


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