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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WARNING : The content of this post is by no means intended to scare, frighten or be insensitive. Read at your own risk. (smile!)

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I'll be honest.

I'm not one to show too much of my prego tummy - in picture format. But, here it is.

 And see, you still didn't get much.  This was a self-attempted photo that doesn't show too much. 

it's enough, to get the gist.

  Fact is... a lot of folks may not even have known I was pregnant unless I had let them know verbally.  
That is... until recently.  I'm pretty sure "I've popped"... these past couple of weeks.

I've only had three pregnancies... and I'll agree, they are all different.  They've all given me a "run for my money" - in some form or fashion. 

* serious heartburn *
*  serious toothache followed by a root canal - by surprise! *
* phlebitis *
* bad allergies - which I couldn't take anything for *
* the usual, throwing up when/after I brush my teeth *
* motion sickness - while driving *
* peeing my pants - at all the wrong times (as if any time is pleasant) *
* uncomfortable sleeping *
* bad gas or constipation *
* carpel tunnel in my hands *
* loud, ferocious snoring - according to my hubby *
* more stretch marks than I currently have *
* back aches and pains *
* slight swollen hands and ankles (yeah, my ring you see, on the photo - is no longer on finger, due to this) *
* occasional Braxton Hicks *
* TUMS are my friend *

((all of these have happened during one or with at least one of my pregnancies))

 To put it bluntly... I don't know that I love being pregnant all that much. 
I just don't like what it does to me.

I can't say that I've had overly serious cravings for certain foods or whatever.  Meaning... I have never asked my hubby to run and get me a huge, whoppin' cheesesteak or some fancy chinese food at 10pm with a side of pickles and ice cream.
Although, I will say I have had my hankerings...

But with Caleb - it was fruit and cereal and NO COFFEE!
With Aubrey - I had to have hot and spicy foods - Little or No ICE CREAM!
With this one...its a combination of all of the above - in some way or another.

You know.

One (or two) of the inevitabilities in my pregnancies is this...

I find myself putting things in the wrong places - like the toaster into the refrigerator or
If I'm holding something, I'm liable to drop it.  Which means, I have to bend over and pick it back up.  BTW:  It's really hard to bend over these days.
I've been starting to delegate.  Caleb, can you pick that up for me?  Aubrey?  Anyone?

Oh... and I just wanted you to know.  I NORMALLY never, ever snore.  Seriously.  It's ususally all peaceful sleep and slumber - and on my tummy, at that. 
 But, not these days...

So.  Back to this thought of not many people knowing or realizing that I'm 29+ weeks pregnant.

I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not.

Like I said - this post was by no means intended to frighten, scare or be insensitive to anyone regarding pregnancy.  And, I should assure and continue to assure myself - that this is the easy part.
It's once the baby is born and on into the teen years that makes parenting, in general, the tough part. ;)

I will say, this.

I do love knowing that there is a new little life inside of me
- a gift from God -
a blessing of our marriage union.

This child is being knited wonderfully and carefully by our loving Creator.
Every day is another miracle.  (Psalm 139:13-16)


Time to buckle down and start truly nesting...we're getting ready to meet this little one in just a few more weeks.


  1. I LOVE your scary, frightening, insensitive post! : P !! Looking forward to meeting your new addition!!!!

  2. I'm starting at the beginning here with all these sweet posts I've missed.

    First, LOVE THAT BABY BUMP!!!!
    You are too cute sweet Bevy.

    It will be here before you know it and I'm praying for a safe and healthy delivery of this little one.

    CHEESECAKE! Need I say more. I'm copying and pasting this recipe to try soon.very.soon.

    Love,love,love your buttercup post. the photos and all.

    It was nice having a cup of coffee with you this morning while we caught up;)

    Love you!


  3. Haha, I just found this post via your linky thing. I totally get it - I'm at 34 weeks now and having to pack my whole house is proving a challenge! :P Bending over, forget it - I'm just practicing my squatting! ;)


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