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Saturday, June 18, 2011

we've got a job to do

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Our farmer landlord -  uses his gator pretty regularly for farm chores.  But this is his favorite "chore" - taking the kiddo's for a ride... it only happens once in awhile.  

For some reason, here, the kiddo's don't look so sure... usually, they're the ones begging for more.

It's usually daddy who runs the rides on the gator - "just on Saturday"!


On other farm news.

Mr A. has left, this morning, for a week long vacation. 
He has asked me/us to keep an eye on the cow - with the white face.

She is due to calve any day...and for whatever reason, is taking her good ole time.
We're to call Mr. So & So... if we see "any issues".

I sure hope it ain't me helping to deliver this calf.


Mr. A has also asked Caleb to be his paperboy for the week.  We're to collect the morning paper off the front lawn and take it a designated spot in the barn, for when he comes back.

Caleb is, needless to say, very excited about his first "real job" - as a paperboy.  That will give him something to look forward to, every morning this coming week.

"Come on, Caleb.  We've got a job to do!"

Happy weekend to all.  We've got another busy one - ahead.

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  1. farm life must be so fun and full of adventures every day... what a blessing.


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