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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Which would you rather do... spend or save?

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"No! - it's late. No stories tonight, it's time to go to bed. And besides, it's way past your bedtime". 

"Not right now, honey, it's time to make dinner before daddy gets home".  Actually, I probably say it more like this.  "Not now, (insert child's name).  I've got to get dinner started - we'll read the book another time".

TIME is a fine line, isn't it? 
Which would you rather do?  Spend time or Save time?

Recently, I was struck with the thought of spending time versus saving time - as it relates to interacting with our kids.  I am so guilty of pushing them off - just because it doesn't quite fit into the time-structured-regiment of the hour or the day.  Scott admits he is guilty of this, too. 
We're too concerned to keeping with the time on the clock... instead of allowing time spent enjoying moments our kids think they need deserve.

Granted there is a balance that needs to be in place.  And, I guess this is where wisdom needs to be asked for and applied to, in the given situation.

Do you ever think about this?

I know one of my son's current growing love-needs, right now, is Quality Time.  I hear it constantly:  "Will you sit/lie here with me?", "Will you watch (TV show/video) with me?", "I want to help...do dishes, water flowers, etc."

I mean, literally, as I'm tending to things around the house this morning I was being challenged by this very thing.

Sometimes I really should do whatever he's/they are asking, for... at that moment.  Other times... the kids need to learn mommy honestly can't stop and do this or that....at that precise moment.

Because, it's interesting how much I hear this recently.  I'll call out, "Come on Caleb!  It's time for dinner - right now".  He'll respond with, "In a minute. After I finish this... {whatever it is he's doing}."  - and then it feels like a mounting discipline issue because he isn't coming {immediately} when he's called. 
But, how many times has he actually heard the very same thing from us - his parents?

(read: I'm asking for wisdom and insight into this slight parenting issue/scenario.)

So, which would you rather do?  Spend time or Save time?  Which are you more likely to do?

I know one thing.  I need / we need to pray for continued wisdom and patience in this immediate area.


  1. Wow--you've asked some really good questions! But I don't have any really good answers. More often than not, it seems like I end up WASTING time doing unimportant stuff and then try desperately to save it later. I wouldn't recommend this course of action at all!

  2. I had never really thought about the "just a minute" that comes from my kids as an echo of the just a minute that they hear from me. Hmmm....

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Good question Bevy! Hmmm...I too hear words of "I'm too busy", "Not right now", "Maybe later" echoed back to me from my daughter. I relate to what you are saying...and I don't have an answer except extactly what you said - praying for widom and patience.

  4. May is my busiest month. I have an annual writers conference,the end of a school year, duties for homeschool coop to complete, and this year a Graduation. My 8 year old usually gets a lot of attention, now I have to say no to playing dolls and games because I really can't put anything off. She got creative and solved the problem for me, making lunch a tea party and pretending she was my employee while we worked on a project together. I was thankful for her creativity! We spend time together each day, just in different ways.


  5. Such great questions! I think we all can tend to put our kids off when the time isn't convenient or we just don't want to do what they are asking of us! :) I stand convicted!

    As for your question about Caleb putting you off...just my opinion here, but I do have older kids. This can become an issue REALLY quick. I have had to deal with this with my boys. My solution is that if you say "just a minute" to me you better be able to back it up with why you need a minute! Sometimes it is legitimate, but often it is not. I have tried to teach them to come when I call them and they are pretty good at it for the most part. Sometimes they really do need just a minute. :)

    Now on my part if my kids ask me for something and I am in the middle of working on something I can't quit doing. I try to tell them, "I'll be right there as soon as I finish hanging this laundry on the line (or whatever it is I'm doing)."

    Does that make sense? I guess as adults we have a little bit more of a right to say I'll come when I finish doing this (as long as we do go and keep our word). A preschooler most often doesn't have a pressing schedule that requires just a minute!

    Okay! I'm done writing this book.....for now! ;)


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