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Thursday, July 7, 2011

#280. pink hydrangeas popping through the "ambush" of wild morning glories

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You know, last summer, if you were here reading much of my blogs posts you would've read quite a bit of my constantly pulling away at these pesky Wild Morning Glories, which would happen to choke everything else out.  In their own right, they're beautiful, I'll give them that.  I love (cultured) Morning Glories. 

But, it was the way they were taking out tomato plants and pepper plants and several other specific plants I had planted.  You know?  Killed them.  Dead.


This summer I've decided and maybe it's because I'm now 8 months pregnant and can't keep after them to pull them out like I'd like to - but, I've decided to relax and just enjoy them for what they are. 

I've been very thrilled that my Hydrangeas are still popping out through the ambush...in pretty pops of pink!!

Yes!  I've seen the light and started smiling...too.  

But, if they start wrastling my tomato plants again...I'll.   I'll....


  1. ...choke the life outta those dang things:)

    they are kind of pretty and you need to be inside with the cool air.
    and not outside pulling weeds my dear:)

    {just getting you back for you scorning me about lifting my porch swing a few months back:)

    Love You;)

  2. I love your photos! I didn't know that morning glories could be wild! I like wild and pretty plants, because I have no real gardening knack and pretty wild plants suit me fine - but yes killing off productive plants is NOT good! And YAY to 8 months - I'm so excited for you!!!


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