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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beans on the Brain

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While my family is HERE, including my Aunt Mary (who just lost her husband a couple of months ago) and her family, we were told to go ahead - up to her place- to pick green beans out of their garden.

My mom (and brothers) told us they planted three L.O.N.G. rows of beans and they're meant to be shared between my mom, us and one of my other married sister's.

Not a problem.

Keeping in mind the weather forecast - due for rain and thunderstorms later in the week - we set out Tuesday evening with Beans on the Brain.

We grabbed our 5 gallon buckets, our bug spray, and our stamina ... our saving grace, my brother Justin (who was back already from the family vacation) to join us - so we could get the job done quicker.
Knowing me in my condition (pregnant and all) it would be a little tough to bend over - too much. :)

Grandma Susie (Scott's mom) wanted to go, too. "I can do beans", she said.

Truth be told...
till it was all said and done - maybe 45 minutes later - we got a total of about half a 5 gallon bucket's worth.  Here, the deer had been having a FEAST like there was no tomorrow. 
About half of the rows were already chewed off. 


Knowing me... who wanted to take pictures of this family event...I did just that.  I basically would pick as much as I could, stand up and stretch it out, grab my Lil ole camera outta my pocket and took pictures from where I stood.  Then, back at it again...

Here are just a few of the other pretties... scattered around the garden.


I managed to put away about 6 quarts of green beans, yesterday.

Every little bit helps.  Doesn't it?

We honestly all enjoyed our dusky evening outing... it's been awhile since we've had beans on the brain, at least in getting them in from the garden to the freezer to enjoy at a later time in the year.


  1. What a great memory for everyone.
    I still can remember going with my family to gather vetables from my grandfather's small farm, (if I can remember way back then, your children will also).

    How are you feeling?

  2. Ya know my beans have been putting out a horrible yield this year. I have been putting a couple quarts in the freezer from each picking. Definitely not a spectacular amount by any means. Hope you get more, soon!

  3. love the shot of grandma!!!

  4. Our beans did not do very well this year either. I've only got about 12 pints canned, and I think the plants are finished already. True, every little bit helps, but I really was hoping for more! : )

    What a fun memory time for your kids and extended family as well!

  5. We sacrificed our beans to the bunnies and then, we are getting tons of tomatoes and soon peppers.. We also, got a few peas.. before the bunnies got them.. You were lucky to get what you did.. We enjoy 10 beans.. maybe and more peas.. Oh well.. maybe the pumpkin and the zucchini.. just coming up now will give us something. <3 :-)


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