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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Blessing Bandit

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Could there really be such a thing?  I think so.  I know so.

A blessing bandit is when a person decides to be a sort of serious outlaw-bandit, but in the reverse.  They are sneaky.  As in, how much blessing can they do and get away with? - all in the name of anonymity.

I once knew of a gal who did this.  Often.  She would sneak by others homes; leaving things in their mailboxes, on front porches or steps, or on their car windshields.  Simple & thoughtful things like bouquets of flowers, something baked or notes of encouragement.  Such random acts of kindness that left one scratchin' their heads.  Never with an expectation of getting something in return. Purely - just because.

And then.  She disappeared - totally skipped town - as it were.  I never really heard much from her again.  It's a shame.  Really it is.  Oh, to be like her.

We need more Blessing Bandits in our lives. 
Wouldn't that be nice?

Would you consider joining the gang?

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act."
Proverbs 3:27

I love this quote from Nicole Johnson...

"Encouragement is to a friendship what confetti is to a party.  It's light, refreshing, and fun, and you always end up finding little pieces of it stuck on you later."



  1. I like this post, very much.
    Yes, I would join this gang.

    I was looking for inspiration today and I found it here.

  2. I love this idea!! A blessing bandit...and how great it would be to involve our children! I know mine get a huge kick out of leaving gifts for others on the sly! :)

  3. God has used "Blessing Bandits" in so many ways to strengthen us during these years of unemployment. "Blessing Bandits" are truly God's hands extended.

  4. Amen! Do you know who "she" was??


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