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Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom ~ Thanks

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Happy 4th of July!!

As I was thinking about the post for today and today being the fourth of July.  My mind naturally went to thoughts of our country's birthday: it's freedom, our rights and our liberties... and how grateful I am for those things.

But, it went much deeper than that when I began to reflect on what freedom feels like for me, as a Christian.

It's incredible how much more the significance.


We are truly free!
Continuing to count the thanks... towards One Thousand Gifts.

#271. we are FREE to worship our Lord & Saviour

#272. we have freedom to gather safely and peacefully, as believers

#273. the truth that sets us free
#274. we are free from this world of sin

#275.  freedom to testify to his great goodness

These are a lot of freeing things that I would consider as blessing...and, I could list on and on.

But I have other things, today, that I consider to be part of my gratitude list -
things that I love, that are maybe considered somewhat common... but I'm growing and grateful.

#276.  MY HUBBY PASSED his final exam, on Thursday, with flying colors... this was the last one... after three years of (tough) consecutive self-study. He is now MCSA certified. This particular exam sure gave us a run for our money.  Basically, it was his third attempt of taking this final exam and he finally came through. The only one that he had to retake in those three years. Oh, how grateful we are to have this behind us.  I wonder if I'm not more relieved than he is.  I cried - a lot - when he called to say that he had passed.  God is good.  Now, onto his Bachelor's .  He's hoping to resume studies sometime here in the fall.

# 277. that we can be back to being a normal family,  for a couple of months

#278. bowls full of dreamy, creamy ice cream
(black raspberry with a side of Tom Sturgis Little Ones pretzels, for me)

#279. kids splashing around in the kiddie pool

#280. pink hydrangeas popping through the "ambush" of wild morning glories

#281. lollipops from the bank

#282. neighbor's squeals and fits of laughter as firework after firework light the night sky

#283. the smell of skunk

#284. the colors: red, white and blue

#285. that I live in this house, this town, this county, this state, this country, but my HOME is out of this world.

#286. foggy mornings

#287. smell of freshly mown hay - the fields of bales left behind

#288. a dewy cobweb

#289. "twinkle, twinkle, wittle star...", sung by my two year old

#290. my children asking to pray at mealtimes. 
(I wish I could video/record them without getting caught.  It's so precious.)

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  1. #276 - Congratulations Scott! Let freedom ring!
    It's a great day to celebrate all your/our gifts.


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