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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Finds | Safety First

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These photos were taken awhile ago (back when I was having "severe" computer issues) and I've just now gotten them up.  They're not the best.  But, work with me...

I was thinking about - wait, let me start over and say hello!  first.
I know I've been absent around here, for awhile.... a little low and slow.  You've been probably wondering - perhaps concerned? and well, to put it quite simply you're probably plain bored - with me.
 But, I think you'll forgive me - knowing I have baby-to-be on the brain and where busyness (absolutely) abounds. 
Besides the fact that the temps around, our parts, are "out of this world!". 
 HOT!!!!!!! and MUGGY!!!!! 
 and above all.... nearly unbearable for a preggo mama.  It's the heat index that is unbelievable.
The high of 102* with the heat index to be 110* for today and tomorrow, too.


Like I said, I was thinking about my kids and their up and coming growth of imagination at play.

Hey!  If Easter Buckets work and improvise as for a measure for Safety First
- then I'm all game.


It's all gotten honestly... at least not from me... this down-home

R-e-d - Ne-CK

(however ya spell it)


Happy Friday to you all.

Be safe this weekend.  I know I'm preaching to myself here.
 We have a lot going on - today through Sunday. 

This morning, I was to go out with another friend of mine who is pregnant.  We were going to work on her baby registry (I was going to go along for moral support).  But, she called and said she is not feeling well - and would like to cancel.  It's probably wisdom - given the temps for the day.  However, I still need to run and do a few other errands.  The kiddo's are going to go to Grandma's - since that was the original plan anyway.  It just won't be as long of a day for me...

Tomorrow - I'm watching all of the cousins (most of the day) along with my two (total of 7 kiddo's) with another day of soaring heat.  And then began some preparation for a Social Gathering at our place, on Sunday.

We're praying for a break in the weather.

But on Sunday... I'm expecting at least 15 adults and 20 kids at our place for a pulled-pork picnic social.

I'm just to sit back and let everyone else do the work - but I know me - I'm not very good at delegating, but hey, I can always start.  There is a first time for everything, right?

Maybe I should wear "the bucket"...as protective head gear... for all the things that'll get thrown at me as I delegate instead of do. 

What do you all think?


  1. Imagination is an important part of growing up and your children do it well.

    I pray that you keep up your energy and stay cool. Busy weekend but it sounds great.

  2. I'm redneck all the way to town with you'uns;-)

    Hoping you have a blast this weekend!


  3. Love the bucket/helmets! We're experiencing the 110 degree heat index, too! Sounds like a busy weekend ahead...try to stay cool!

  4. Delegating is hard! For your own health and sanity though, I hope you are able to give some things up.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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