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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a little bit goes a long, long way

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"I can't encourage others if I'm dry and empty of encouragement myself."

This often sounds like the excuse - the lie- we believe.  I know it, because it's one I personally can struggle with.

Here is what my prayers often will sound like.
"Lord, my heart needs (your) encouragement, today- especially in my mothering..."

And, you know what struck me this morning, as I was reading in my devotional (on encouragement)?
I  have many "blessed" moments throughout my day(s) that I fail to notice.

My children are so little and already they are full of encouragement to me.
I'm ashamed to admit it, but I know I don't always see it, hear it, accept it or acknowledge it, like I should. 
When Aubrey (who is two and a half in age) will look at me and say - "Mommy, you're pretty".  That should make me EXPLODE with JOY.  I've never heard that growing up.  How does a two year old "get that", and use that phrase consistently?  Why do I struggle to believe it?  I ask.  And, I pray for the Lord to forgive my unbelief.
When my son - Caleb - who is four will say to me after I sing him a song: "great song, mom!"... as he has a real tear in his eye and a trembling lip.  ((I'm serious - he is his mother's son)). 
I know that is God using Caleb to encourage my heart in a very real way.
When a freshly picked flower blossom is handed to me, by my daughter, with a smile...
that is really from God.

My son's manners are really coming into "play" here of late.  It's truly encouraging... showing us that our hard work and efforts are paying off.  (we still have a ways to go... trust me)
When there is a hand-written note in the mailbox - waiting just for me.  I get them pretty regularly from one of my sister's.
When I receive an unexpected "thinking of you" phone call in the middle of the afternoon - from my man.  That is surely encouragement that is needed.  God is aware... and obviously has met my need for the moment.

And.  Just this afternoon.

A friend of ours unexpectedly drops by with "tons" of nearly fresh produce left over from an available source.
Plenty for us and plenty to share with our immediate neighbors.
Blessing?  Encouragement?
At even just the right time.
I don't know how many phone calls (from friends and family) I received today, that I'm sure were God-placed, to keep me humble.  I rarely get personal phone calls...
My day, today, was challenging and I was rather tempted to NOT see the encouragement in any of it.  But - I noticed.

These were just friends, checking in...


Have you ever had these sorts of moments?  Can you at least identify?

Be encouraged... a little bit goes a long, long way.


  1. It's fun to sit back and could all those tiny but huge blessings.
    I love this post! Your children are so precious.
    You and Scott are doing a great job of parenting!!!!!

  2. I love you Bevy! Thanking God for you!

  3. Beautiful thoughts and insights. I can easily overlook these areas in my life, too. Thanks for reminding me to look for those times of encouragement throughout my day.

  4. Too often I overlook the "little" encouragements I receive throughout the day. Thanks for this reminder.


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