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Monday, July 18, 2011

Thankful for Obstacles

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My 4yr-old son took this picture and it got me thinking....

It got me thinking about obstacles and how we all have them come up in our lives.

The other evening, my husband Scott and I were talking about us being in a good place - financially.  Although, not perfect, it's been a REAL blessing to be debt free for the past four years, or so, of our lives.

The reason the conversation came up is because our Health Insurance is about to change on us.  Six mere weeks from a delivery of a New Child into our hearts and home.   The changes include:  finding new doctors (both Pediatrician and a Family Doctor)...thankfully my OB doctors and Hospital are still in network.  However, the biggest change is to our favor.  Blessing?  yes!!

Get this.

The fact that any retroactive payments made to meet our current status of a very HIGH DEDUCTIBLE will essentially be reimbursed to us... and where we thought that this just might be the biggest cost (most expensive pregnancy) turns out to basically be a free-ride.

The next evening (after this financial conversation) we took Scott's beat-em-up car into our mechanics for it's annual inspections and emissions test.  The next morning the shop called us with the news that while they were putting the car on the lift - one of the main brake lines broke.  Ching -caChing to fix it.  There were a few other severely "rusty" discoveries made, making the car impossible to pass inspection - enough to call it quits to Scott's Blue-Bomber - deeming it necessary to replace the car with something else.  (I think we'll drive it until the Inspection runs out in a few weeks).

Great timing?  ehh, more like an unexpected obstacle.

But, you know, it's not like we purposefully go out looking for obstacles in our life's way.   No one does. They just happen.  It's a natural part of our life.  The question is - can we?  Do we choose to be thankful for those obstacles that come our way?


Continuing to count the thanks... towards One Thousand Gifts.

#306. that we have a second vehicle to work with

#307. Health Insurance - in general

#308. unexpected turn-of-events.  (a. k.a. blessings in disguise)

#309. AC units

#310. (humble) love in the small things... clipping and painting toe-nails

#311. cookies and milk

#312. friends and family who call and invite themselves over -on last minute whims

#313. things slowly getting checked off the baby-to-be "to-do" list.

#314. green crickets and picnic tables

#315. 67th annual family reunions - where folks still come from miles around

#316. the aches in our hearts for those who are hurting

#317. singing together

#318. "Dad, will you play football with me?"

#319.  pony-tails and red ringlets

#320.  green beans coming on the vine - tomatoes soon to follow

#321. Ice Cubes - provides some cool entertainment.  Yes, they do.


  1. You amaze me at your positive outlook on these things.

    there needs to be more scotts and bevy's in the world:)

  2. Tomatoes and beans--hooray! Cookies and milk--yum! I think, maybe, I'm hungry! Best wishes to you as you ready to welcome another little one to your family!

  3. We had a similar thing happen to us with the insurance company when my oldest was close to being born. Totally understand!


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