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Monday, July 25, 2011

..wanna talk about blessings?!!!!!

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There is nothing quite like when a day ends in total satisfaction.

The next morning I wake up - feeling refreshed - but still "quite overwhelmed"
by the blessings of the day before.

It's like the gates have swung open wide. 
Wider then ever anticipated. 
The way before is still cloudy and uncertain
and yet its comforting to know and feel - peace. 
True Peace!

You wanna talk about blessings?

God is faithful to meet us - abundantly, more then we can ever ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)


Like I mentioned on Friday (If you read Friday's post) - we had a very busy weekend ahead of us.
That was an understatement, to say the least.  It was a very full weekend.  I was to go shopping with a friend of mine who is also expecting.  That got canceled, but I went anyway to do my own errands in a van whose thermometer reading was telling me it was 107* inside the vehicle.  Come to find out later - it wasn't me, my fault or just the fact that the day itself (heat index of 110*) was hot and high in humidity... but that the AC truly is not (currently) working in our van.  Yikes!  I thought I was going to die...
On Saturday, I/we watched all five of my nieces and nephew... for pretty much all day... plus preparing for our picnic social (here at our home) on Sunday.
On Sunday, the festivities began around 3pm-ish and I think Scott and I were pretty much wrapping everything up yet at 10:30-11:00pm.  True satisfaction at the end of the day - for a day going so well and so full of blessing.

I'm going to let my list of counting the thanks, all the way to One Thousand Gifts include what I mean about my past weekend.

#322.  nieces that love to help, offer their help and beg and beg to do so - again and again: doing dishes, sweeping floors, cleaning up toys, setting the table, making brownies, etc.

#323.  guys (Sam & Joe) from care group offering their help to set up tents, tables, chairs, etc. on one of the hottest days

#324.  a hubby who sweats his way to a job-well-done

#325. a Sunday Morning Service - reminding us that "fasting is the new feasting" - when you're hungering for God... great thoughts.

#326. Caleb's (4yrs old)  "deep" questions.  (IE: Does God love us?  Why?  How come? Did he die? When is Jesus coming? Can we say our memory verse?  - currently Philippians 4:13, etc.

#327. a care group who participates gladly in bringing food to the social

#328. friends: Kristy and Mike who helped to organize, prepare pulled pork and coleslaw, and who did way more then they were supposed to.

#329. friends: Jan and Becky for being such wonderful care group leaders; Jan who, off the cuff, offers to dead head my Lamb's Ears and water my tomato plants - I don't know if he pulled any weeds - but I'm sure grateful if he did.

#330. the group surprised us with a small baby shower: gifts and tokens of anticipation for this new little one.

#331. a Sit and Stand Stroller, which was on our to-do list, to purchase, now sits in our dining room - a complete shock and blessing

#332. sharing the leftovers at the end of the evening; along with zucchini surplus from gardens

#333. just watching all twenty kids play together. so well; water activities, trucks in the dirt, croquet (though not the real game, but "pretending"), bean bag toss, climbing trees, football, on our hammock, etc.

#334. our kids who promptly fell asleep - heads hitting the pillow

#335. the ladies offering their future services of cleaning and meals, etc. to us - after the baby is born 

#336. sitting at the island (in our kitchen), after everyone left, chatting about the events of the day

#337. dancing to sheet music - because we can

#338. waking up feeling refreshed - but still overwhelmed

#339. the hiccups of the morning - as Scott car is out of commission - AGAIN! - the kiddo's not sure how to act with each other because "everyone" is GONE (Where did all of the company go?) begging to take a nap, already at 9:30 AM

#340.  my next door neighbor Amanda who sensed my overwhelmed soul, this morning, and who saw my literal tears - who offered to watch the kiddo's for the time I need to regain myself.... I cried some more and fell asleep on the couch for 45 minutes.  Bless her heart.

#341.  the best sound in the world... right now.  Thunder overhead.  Lord, let it rain.  Please!!!

#342. that the rain drops are currently falling - HARD!!  and I find myself arms wide open - willfully getting wet.


  1. Another inspiring list! And what a great neighbor you have!

  2. Ahhhhhh....rain!
    It's raining here also, but it has been raining all summmer....ahhhhh rain!

  3. Beautiful list. I so enjoyed my time here on your blog. I felt so at home. Thank you! Cute bag on your sidebar! Blessings

  4. yes to 326!

    how are you feeling?
    not much longer!!!
    praying for you.


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