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Monday, August 1, 2011

All wrapped up in gratitude...

. . .. .. . . .. . . . .. . . .  .. ... .. .. . . . ..

I'm finding myself giving a few extra hugs these days...
as I'm realizing (they are too!) that their world is about to be rocked.

(The baby just kicked me as if to say - "Hey, I resemble that statement." Giving  me it's complete and total affirmation that, that rockin' statement is TRUE.)

Several have asked me (recently) how I'm feeling.  I'm hanging in there.  The usual tiredness "in the end of term" - has been coming on more and more readily.  I've had my (literal) first taste of swollen ankles, feet and toes - this past week... grateful that that is only happening now.  Trying my hardest to keep up with fluids.. praying for strength to "get things done" before my energy is expended... and, I'm pooped.  I'm grateful that I'm still sleeping fairly well at night.  However... all I know is that I'm very ready for August 24th to roll around.  I'm scheduled, to have my C-section, that day.

Over the weekend, we got several things knocked out on the To-Do list... making ready for this here #3.

~~car seats are rearranged in the van
~~the crib/bassinet needed to get "glued" and that is done - the next is to reassemble it and repaint it.
~~ the stroller/gift that we received last weekend is now fully assembled and our current infant seat does work in it.
~~ we took a full tour of the *new* Maternity Floor - yesterday.  (we're so glad we did that).
~~ the call list has been made and an appeal has been made for help in case we need to go "in early" - that we would have (at least overnight) childcare coverage for the other two...

It's all coming along.  Little by little.

So... there you have it.  Wrapped up in baby stuff... gratitude style


So.  How does this tie in with my Counting the Thanks - my usual Monday postings?  Well it does and it and it doesn't... but I thought I would share all of the above with you all anyway.

#343. friends who are letting us know "they're available".
#344. extra hugs and snuggles
#345. story time
#346. sippen' Iced Coffee (drizzled with Carmel and whipped creme) through a straw - lip smacking delish!
#347.  rain drops, like pearl beads, strung out on the wash line
#348. yellow sunflower faces
#349. an out-of-the-blue email from a dear friend wanting to get together.
#350. safety for my extended family - while on their vacation
#351. hearing my kids in the next room, in interactive play
#352.  I love overhearing their conversations - it's too funny - when they role play
#353. stopping for ice cream - sharing a cone or two.
#354. a *new-for-us* vehicle for Scott to replace his old one .... hopefully bought today or tomorrow
#355. fluffy, billowy, huge white clouds edged in sunset's glow
#356. the little brown bunny, who makes his everyday appearance, allowing us an up close and personal look
#357. the way everything greened up so nicely due to last weeks several days of intermittent rain showers.
#358. backroads
#359. going down memory lane - back to the good ole days
#360. smells of the farm!  (it just can't seem to get strong enough - I love it!)
#361. early morning sunlight streaming in


  1. beautiful pictures!
    just beautiful.
    so excited for your family Bevy!!!
    you are getting so much done!!!
    it's so hard to be pregnant in this heat. Your doing so good and you look wonderful!!!

  2. I love your pictures! Your kids are getting so big, and you look wonderful. I can't believe how close you're getting! I'm praying for you...

    I loved #355. I saw that the other day and it was honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! I wish I'd grabbed the camera but I know that I couldn't capture that beauty in a picture. Amazing.

    So glad to catch up with you...

  3. Always enjoy reading your thankful posts. Hopefully these next few weeks will go quickly for you but at the same time provide enough time to get needed things done!

  4. i love gratitude posts. so excited for you and what lies ahead. yay:) i got a special package in the mail today. first thing addressed to me. thank you so much bevy. i'll have to read it and put it to good use:)

  5. Loved seeing the pictures of you with Caleb and Aubrey! So cute! Yes, soak up all the cuddle time it is definitely a precious commodity!

  6. I love this photo of you and Aubrey! ♥ Wow, that little one will be here so soon - I'm excited and if we were closer I would TOTALLY watch your other two while you were off having this little bundle! But I'll just have to stick with prayering for you all! :)


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