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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bevelled, dishevelled and now reassembled

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Quite the post title, I know, but let me explain.  We had quite the week around here, last week, at least in the beginning.

I knew this was going to happen at one point - just not sure exactly when.  So when I noticed a white work van pulled up into the front lawn - EARLY Monday morning, last week.  I was in tears.  Literally.
I wasn't expecting the "job" to take place that day.  I have lots of stuff in and around these windows.
I won't even tell you what my hubby thinks of it.  I'll let you think he's nice about it and L.O.V.E.S my style, immensely, and accepts my love of all things "dainty and breakable".

Not to mention... we had the fullest week last week with other things already planned and already going on.

Anyway.  I know these windows "were old".  It was probably time for them to be replaced along time ago.  They were letting in "too much" cold air and I know - that is not cost efficient.  But, they were bevelled glass!!!! There is nothing more charming in an old farmhouse then bevelled glass windows.

Don't you love the lock/knob?  (I realize it's not a very good picture.)

So, I called my sister, Jules - to ask if she could come over and give me a hand to move some of the furniture (IE; white table, old ironing board, and several other pieces) and "help move" most if not all of the kids toys upstairs - plus give a hand with some quick cleaning.  She loves doing this sort of thing. 
Plus, she was available....

Big Plus!

It was 2:30 in the afternoon, Monday, when "the guy" asked if he could get started on our windows.  I begged - please - if he could hold off on our four windows to do the following day.  He said, sure!
As well as, Scott needed to move the AC unit out of the kitchen window.  Besides the fact... I had decided that I didn't want to be around when he was here... because of the kids and whatnot.  So - I needed to quickly make arrangements for Tuesday. 

Can you tell I was feeling a bit dishevelled?

Grandma Susie agreed to come for Caleb at 8:00am the following morning. 

And, I kept Aubrey with me - while we cleaned upstairs, plus, she did get to go over to play with our little next door neighbor buddy for a little while - and that helped me go through ALL of the kids toys (upstairs) (tossing and putting some away) and do other reorganizing up there - that with them by my side would have put me over the edge.  At least.

By four o'clock pm, Tuesday...

These are the new windows.

Things are finally back to resemble reassembled in this corner of our living room.  Plus - we exchanged some things put to make needed room for the Pack & Play.  Of course...


One of the things planned for the week was that on Wednesday of last week, Scott  would take the day off of work - with plans to make a car purchase.  Long story - something that ended up not happening. 

But, we got more knocked out on the baby-to-do list.  Like the crib/bassinet here.  I didn't get a picture of it - all in pieces.  The side rails needed to be re glued as some of the spindles had come out...

The painting began with gusto...
the reassembling... completed.

The finished piece...

left awaiting.

Can you tell - I don't enjoy pictures of myself, let alone taking them, of myself?  :)

I know some of you wanted to see this baby bump - again - before it's GONE - counting down,  about 14 days, to go.


I am so ready.


Thanks for 'enjoyin' this rambling post.


  1. Bev...

    Just want you to know that I really enjoy your blog and am praying for you as this new babe arrives soon.


    Christy Gross

  2. Whew~~what a job!! Everything looks great!! And you're absolutely beautiful~~as always!! Can't wait to meet your new addition!

  3. What a lovely crib/bassinet! I really like that picture of you! (though if you were smiling it would be even better! ;) ) You hardly post any of you and so it is nice! ♥ Wow, 14 days....that's crazy, I'm excited and I'll be praing for you! :) Sorry you had to lose your old windows! :( I COMPLETELY understand! Our house has old (beveled glass) windows too and it was part of the alure when we baught it, but after 4 winters here with cold floors, drafts and a gas bill that I cringe at, we are going to replace most of them. :( So I am lamenting with you! ;)

  4. AWWWWW! I loved seeing a picture of you! You are on the home stretch now, my friend!

  5. @ Christy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting - good to hear from you.

    @ Nancy. You're too sweet.

    @ Kaitlyn. Thanks for the commissory. ;)

    @ Jenn. You're right. It's coming, ready or not. I KNOW I need to be upstairs (to finish) packing the hospital bag. I'm not sure why I'm stalling...

  6. Here, I'm trying to post again... We saw the windows being placed early last week... since I was taking Chantel back and forth to VBS at Souderton Mennonite for 5 days last week.. I'm sure they will keep you warm this winter..not fun to deal with those changes.. while prepping for delivery... Hope all goes well.. We have your family on our prayer list... :-)

  7. on the home stretch now baby!

    You look AMAZING! CHA-CHING!

    You are one awesome woman braving this heating and looking so good expecting in AUGUST!!!

    I'm in love with the sweet baby crib.
    I can hardly wait!!!



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