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Sunday, August 28, 2011

First moments at home

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Wow.  It sure is good to be home.  We arrived home late Saturday afternoon.  It was a great stay at the hospital but, as you all know, coming home and being at home is always THE BEST!!

leaving the hospital - homeward bound

I sat down and thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the comments left the other day and just had to smile.  It sure made me feel so good to be "thought of", prayed for and loved... all from y'all.

It's been an interesting couple of hours of "making adjustment" - especially through the night, last night, our first night home.  Here is a funny one, that I thought I would share with you.  Something that Scott told me about, after the fact. 

It was like 2:55am and Jayne decided she was seriously in need of something to eat - again!!  and though she nursed very well for the next 40 minutes or so - decided, you know, that she'll just stay awake.  Wide awake.  And well, everyone else is asleep... and I'm desperately wanting to go back to sleep... I lay her down in the bassinet and use the bathroom (because that was on my immediate to-do list) - when she starts up again, crying very loudly.  I soon hear Aubrey yelling out:  THE Baby's CRYING!!   I hurry up to rush aide... and well.  If that doesn't wake up the rest of the house?  I think it was well after 5am that the world fell asleep to a peaceful hush ... at least inside our home.  Outside was a whole nother story...as Hurricane Irene was upon us.

Scott tells me that the older two told him (on their own accord) that if the baby wakes up during the night, that they would put their fingers in their ears and yell out to us that "the baby's crying"... just to help let us know.

I thought it was sweet.  Because, that's what they did too.

Here are just a few more of my favorite photos of our precious bundle of joy... I hope you enjoy them.


Many of you mentioned in your comments that you love her name and the spelling of it.  If you must know... Jayne is my middle name, as well.  That is one reason we chose her name like we did.  Abigail has always been a favorite name for my husband... and it just sounded great together. 

I will talk more on this, tomorrow... in my gratitude post... as you can be sure - I have much to be grateful for in the birth of our beautiful daughter. 


  1. So sweet! Welcome home!!! How crazy to come home right in time for the storm, glad you survived! Hope you are able to take it easy and feeling ok!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ALL OF THEM! Rest and enjoy!

  3. So beautiful! Congratulations!!

    I'm having trouble with google/blogger and commenting that's why it's under anonymous :-)


  4. Welcome Home!

    Well that just makes her name even more wonderful.

    Looking forward to reading your gratitude post.

  5. Sweet pictures! I especially love the last one!


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