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Monday, August 29, 2011

For all of this I graciously give thanks.

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Of course you all know where my thoughts are on this here Monday, as it relates to my gratitude posts... in my continuing to name the thanks onward towards One Thousand Gifts, and that is this: in just having a brand new baby; a beautiful daughter - Jayne Abigail. 

one of our first photos of Jayne - from in the hospital

Jayne {God's gracious gift; gracious one}  Abigail {Source of Joy; a father's joy}

My heart is full of gratitude to the Lord for the blessing he granted to my husband and I.
A celebration of our love; another daughter; a true gift.

I find it to be truly amazing how one's heart can enlarged - even more than it already is - to love even someone else just as though they've been a part of our lives all along.  This is a new love.  And yet, it is a deep, deep vein already.

I'm struggling to share this next part with you - so please, bear with me...

When I first realized we were expecting (and even before, in "the planning" of this baby) - I wasn't too thrilled about it.  Deep in my heart there really was a struggle to accept this "blessing" as a blessing.  My sister, Gladys and I were talking about it one day over the phone.  She mostly listened to what I was saying in the lamenting of my struggle to even "want" this baby.  She said a few hard things... but one thing that really has stuck with me is that she said this.  "You know, Bev.  This will probably be the child that brings you the most joy - or, the child that is meant to be in your life to bring you that 'source' of joy". 

We already had names picked out, at that point, and I knew what the meaning for Jayne Abigail was... but I hadn't really thought much about it until now.  All along - I "thought" I was having a boy... so I didn't dwell on it.  Immediately, I knew my sister was right.  And, the Lord continued to soften my heart as the pregnancy progressed.


Let me tell you.  This blessing from the Lord is exactly that.  She is sweet.  Gracious.  A little one who literally has her Mama wrapped tightly around her little finger.  She knows my voice... and responds.  There are tears welling up in my eyes right now as I type these words.  The regret of my heart to say at one point - I really don't want this baby - is very real.  Am I grateful to not be pregnant anymore?  You bet.  No more pregnancies.  God's gift has been lavished on us - one last time.  I truly am grateful.

#424.  ten fingers

#425. ten toes

#426. rose-bud lips

#427. pudgy cheeks

#428. her unique cry (sounds sorta like a seagull) ;)

#429. the way her fingers wrap around mine

#430. a wonderful hospital stay

#431. caring doctors and fabulous nurses

#432. a hubby who lovingly embraced the challenge of being Mr. Mom for a few days

#433. the body's natural process of elimination - I'm very serious. ;)

#434. "I am fearfully and wonderfully made"

#435. naps

#436. no more heartburn - per say

#437. the love and longing for a hot cup of coffee and or more then several glasses of cold water

#438. hands back in the dishpan  :)

#439. protection in the wake of the 5.9 earthquake (through our area, in the early part of last week) and the through Hurricane Irene - later in the week.

#440. turning the lights off at night

#441. mist rising off the meadow - in early morning light

#442. delicious meals making their way to our home - every other evening.

#443. my husband's comforting embrace in a weak moment of emotion

#444. the way her siblings are taking to her - lots of love, lots of love

#445. a foot massage

#446. He who softened my heart - the Lord Almighty!

#447. the way her name will continue to remind me...

For all of this I graciously give thanks.


Wow!  Sorry it took nearly all day to get this post up.  I'm sure that any future posts will just have to come in time and that you'll all understand. ;)


  1. Congrats again!! She IS sweet and I can't wait to meet her. Looks like my day is tomorrow! They will be a week apart!

  2. Oh wow - now I am crying.... : )

    Beautiful post!! So happy for you guys!! Isn't God good!!

  3. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! Love that you shared your heart here! Such a beautiful story for all of us to read! You my friend have a sweet, loving heart! I wish I could hold Jayne! She has the most beautiful chubby cheeks! TOO CUTE! ♥

  4. oh mercy.
    let me choke down my tears here first.

    ...this post is what I love about you. You are the real deal. no sugar coating.

    Just you.
    Simple You.
    Funny, sweet, kind, hospitable, honest...and real.

    And it's in a name that says it all...



  5. A precious, beautiful addition to a beautiful family. My arms ache with longing to cuddle her. It has been way too long since the last time I held a baby in my arms.


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