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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hearts and Hands

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At the end of May, we came home from MOPS with our hearts full and our hands heavy-laden.  I remember this day very well...

With ALL of the "stuff" we toted home - along with these "craft" items that the kids made that day... it was quite the challenge to safely get into the vehicle without spilling anything or dropping it.  The kiddo's were so excited...

Inside the flowerpots was a SEED that they were to plant when we got home.  I don't know that we necessarily did it on the same day... but when we went to work on it, they sure had fun.

First we dug up the soil a bit more...
Made a hole...
Dropped in the dirt from the flowerpot...knowing that there was a seed in there.
We watered...
We waited....

We talked about the worms...and how needed they are for good soil... for fishing... and for birds... and for making squeamish sister's scream.  But... we also talked about the way worms are like trials in the soil of our hearts.  Those things/trials that worm their way into lives that in a way don't seem fair or right at the time or make the least bit of sense... but that [they] are important to keep the soil of hearts pliable, soft and fertile to receive God's grace.  If we never would have those things come our way - our dependence on God our Father would be next to nothing.  We need HIM!  We need things to come our way to remind us...

Well... for sure, Caleb's enthusiasm about his seed (now turned into plant) growing taller and taller every day was exciting to watch.  Then he would forget about it and I would remind him to look again at how tall his plant was growing.  (Aubrey's flower pot and dirt are still a mystery as to what "seeds" were in there - if any?)  And, pretty soon, we started to see yellow!!!  Well... I noticed first.

I think Caleb's face was just as bright, when he first realized that this tall thing had finally bloomed - he had come running into the house lickety-split, like his pants were on fire, and could hardly spit it out for me to come and see...

It was encouraging to hear his squeals of delight... then again he is the guy who loves to smell [all] the flowers.

If I could lift him up there to take a sniff - I would.


So, the first photo of the kids hands, along with their cute little photos, reminds me of the common "heart and hand" design.  (I think you all know what I'm talking about.)  It's a symbol to represent, "Hands to work, hearts to God."  In the dictionary, this phrase, "heart and hand", is said to mean enthusiastic cooperation.

As I was thinking about the process it took to have this sunflower seed come to life and grow... it's like us, in so many ways.  As we give ourselves wholly to the Lord and enthusiastically cooperate with His plan for our life.  Our lives/faces won't help but radiate the glory of His grace in our lives.

Keep your face to the SON and you cannot see the shadow behind you - the shadows of our past, etc.

Be excited about what God is doing in and through you.

By doing do, He'll be able to use you to do His work.  Maybe this means opening up your heart  to someone in need of encouragement and telling them how God has had a hand in your past.

                                                                {my final thoughts here, are semi-derived from my devotional book this morning}


  1. What a blessing to stop by today, sister. Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement!

    Still having trouble with Bloggggrrrr and can't post a comment except under anonymous. Will have to figure that out soon, I guess...

  2. Yes, we have the sunflowers growing and helping our tomatoes this year.. They are smaller than some.. but exciting to see... Also, right now, I just found out I have a few friends who need major prayer and encouragement... which helps remind me of how much I needed God's help this past year... Sometimes when life is tough, it's easier to rely on God.. and you grow more through that... So I should be like 10 ft. tall by now :-) <3

  3. I love the way you express yourself.

  4. Love how you turned the worms in your garden into a lesson for your children! They are super blessed to have you for a mommy, do you know that?! Love you! ♥

  5. Amen! Except about the worms... :P Okay, okay, they ARE good ....just not near me! ;)

  6. Would love to see a photo of that baby belly

  7. Just ran outside to check on the status of our sun-flower. Just a wee little green bud at this point! Hope you are having a great summer:)


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