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Monday, August 8, 2011

"Yes! You need to, at least, take a thank-you bite".

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Taste and see that the Lord is good... ~ Psalm 34:8

This past Saturday morning, I was blessed (once again) to get out of the house and join up with the ladies from our care group for breakfast (delicious, I might add) and to sit and delve into chapters 4 & 5 of the book - One Thousand Gifts.  Friends, if you haven't found a moment to get this book into your hands - I urge you, to go and get yourself a copy.  This book is really - a blessingYou need to get it!!

Chapter 4 is one that really struck several cords with me.  In this particular chapter, Ann, the author, is really noting the bridge phrase in several verses of Scripture .... and that being, give thanks, or he gave thanks.

She shares about moments of her day - moments that are non-stop with hurry and of going through the motions - moments that I know myself and many others can identify with.  We wish for more time.  Why is there not enough - time?

Hurry hurts us, hurry empties us.  It leaves us wanting.

As us ladies sat in our circle - sharing - we confessed the struggle that is for all of us.  Why can't we SLOW down and savor more, the moments of the day?  We read a little further in the chapter - where the author takes us to the place; this thought of to give thanks multiplies our time.  It's an interesting phenomenon.

Giving Thanks is what takes the not enough and makes it (more then) enough.

Thanksgiving makes time.  Really?  Give thanks and get time?  Give thanks .... slow time down with all your attention - and your basket of not-enough-time multiplies into more then enough time. ~ Ann Voskamp


When a particular food is good.  We choose to enjoy it.  We slow down to chew it, savoring it to the fullest.  We are tasting it - fully.  Digesting it right into that place of satisfaction. Right?  So, it is with our day-to-day (mothering and not just...) moments.

Psalm 34:8 is the verse that came to my mind as we were discussing this chapter.  Taste and see that the Lord is good.  When were talking about the hurried-ness of our days and the lack of time there is to get it all done and we lose sight of our meaning and purpose (as mothers) in those moments full of chaos and ruckus.  It's in those moments when its hardest to slow down and be thankful, isn't it?

We weren't meant to gobble down the day - stuffing ourselves with time-spent-rushing-around.  It's okay to say "no" and to slow down and taste the daymoments.  When we do this - we realize just how full (and satisfied) we are. 
I understand the flip side of this as well.  There are many moments of "our day" (our lives) that we wish we could just hurry through them or never see them coming at all.  Moments that are hard.  VERY HARD! 

When my little ones give me a fit about trying a new dish, at a meal.  The challenge that we both face is for me to encourage them to try it and for them to understand - "well yes, you need to take a Thank-You bite."  (All thanks to my friend, Gail, for this neat and challenging idea.  I love it!)

It's in those hard places that giving thanks is very appropriate... but oh so hard to do.  Why would we choose to go through something we don't like or taste something we know we might not care for?  It's so that we can give thanks to the one where thanks is due.  It changes us.  It changes our perspective.  It's blessing given - both coming and going.

I want to savor long whatever time holds... ~ Ann Voskamp.

Continuing to taste with thanksgiving the day-moments... counting on to One Thousand Gifts.

#362. in all this (recent) humidity - at least there's a breeze

#363. the news that our friends baby - a girl, little Elizabeth - born very prematurely, at just 28weeks, weighing in at 1lb. 10oz. is defying all odds, feisty and fully breathing on her own.  A miracle.

#364. the idea for a supper of waffles and ice cream; a game of go-fish that followed - learning to lose, graciously

#365. my nerdy husband ;) 

#366. zucchini jam - spread pink on buttery toast (yes! there were a few wrinkled up noses - but surprise, surprise!!!!)

#367. the job of replacing old windows - is finished

#368. the car buying potential (#354) was waived off - due to a mechanic's eagle eye and recommendation

#369. a sister's willing help to clean and move furniture - at last minute, pushing aside her own duties

#370. the interrupted night of sleep - more sweet snuggles

#371. new joy, in old(er) toys - long forgotten about

#372. missing Sunday Service because little girl couldn't let go; sitting in her Sunday School class instead

#373. black ants are back - at least these are the big guys, easier to target and get rid of.

What are you savoring today?  Are you choosing to at least take a Thank-You bite?


  1. Interesting post... I just finished the book.. Not sure I will number and count exactly.. but lots of interesting thoughts and ideas to ponder. Similar to what I did last summer.. looking for God's hand in every day in a small way.. About pickiness.. Chantel didn't start that until about 7 or 8.. at least now.. but like us.. we were both to that extreme and eat, almost everything now... So I don't push.. :-) <3

  2. Hopping over from Ann's...I have been greatly impacted by Ann's book and writings...she is the reason(with the prompting of the Lord and encouragement from my husband)..that I started to blog....I have numbered well in 1000...I love the journey this has me on....I would have loved to have been so young in finding these truths...but so thankful...God does redeem the years...
    Blessings on the new little one...I am going to be a grandma for the first time...so excited.
    love the post...

  3. What a wonderful idea...taste the day!
    I love that!
    Yes, even in the midst of being sick, running a low-grade fever, and walking in the midst of family stress, God is graciously teaching me to be thankful and indeed- taste the day!

    Thank you for sharing!



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