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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aubrey's 3rd Birthday

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Oh my!  I feel so behind in blogging here, that it's not even funny.  I really feel terrible..that its been two, almost three, weeks since Aubrey's third birthday and I'm just now getting to posting these photos of her birthday. 
 Come to think of it - I think I may have missed the sharing of Caleb's 4th birthday celebration, too.  His was back in May.  Oops!

All of that, to say this.  I'm going to say much about them because the pictures are self-explanatory.

I did quick whip up a paper nurse cap for Aubrey - just like I used to do with my girl cousins, back when we were little.   Even Grandma Susie wanted in on the fun.

Oh.  And there was a cake too, at this celebration, I promise!!

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

You are the bravest, sweetest and most lovingly-independant child I'll ever know.  I love you!!


  1. Awe, nice. I love the nurse hat, before I read that you made it I was thinking, "Cool kit, it even came with a nurse hat." lol!

    I hear you about being behind....though I didn't just have a baby, so I really have no excuse! ;)

  2. She is so precious. I just love her strawberry hair and her adorable smile. I also love toys. Looks like a lot of fun will be happening in your home.


  3. she's one sweet-tea. for sure;-)

    and it looks like she had herself a swell time.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday Aubrey!!!

    I love the big smile...looks like she enjoyed her big day.

  5. Cute, I love the toys that stimulate creative play.. I totally picked those for Chantel.. although her favorite toy is a book.. I just ordered some from Amazon.com that I couldn't download to her Christmas gift.. Her shelves are almost full. Glad she loves to read.. Ralph does and I do too.. It took me until college to love it.. Hope Aubrey has fun.. Oh the independent is so much a girl thing.. She is the first born.. of that birthorder.. :-) Read Kevin Leman's birth order book for more.. :-) <3 Have a great day.


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