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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Bosse in Blue"

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"Bosse in Blue"
{pronounced; boss-eh}
SOLD to Jen F.

I realized I didn't get a chance take the time to *brag* on this bag yet.  Not that I want it to sound like I'm bragging... but you know what I mean.  This here bag was one of the orders I needed to finish before the month of August came around.  So said "my boss".

My blogging and IRL (in-real-life) friend Jen had asked me if I would make her a Large/Over-the-Shoulder Tote bag for herself, to use as a diaper bag.  She was due with her baby about the same time frame as I was due with my baby (August 28/29th).  My goal was to have everything caught up before August.   Well.  That sorta happened - not before - but within the month - just days before  Jayne (my daughter) was born.   A little too close for comfort for me.

Jen was hilarious in her pregnancy. She often referred to herself as "large and in charge".  She knew she was having a boy... and she also knew she was going to have a big baby - just like I was told I would, for myself.   We ended up having our babies a week apart and her little guy was three ounces bigger then our Jayne - who weighed in at 9lbs 12oz. and 21" long.  {read here}

So, when it came time to name this bag... I would think back to the "large and in charge" phrase and I really toyed with the idea of naming it that.  I wasn't sure.

The name "Bosse in Blue" (pronounced boss-eh) is rather made up, I will admit.  Beings the bag is a navy blue and it's on the large(r) side...I don't know....all I do know is that I can't even come up with a reason (a clear definitive reason) as to why I named it what I did.  It just sounded good.

And, there you have it.  The last bag I made to date.

That said.

I recently got another whole stack of some great lookin' upholstery fabric samples... and I'm itchin' to get stitchin'.  When I do get around to it, I'm planning to kick off my comeback with a bag giveaway.  I haven't had one of those in awhile... and, quite honestly, I do not want you to forget about Bags by Bevy! 

 Please, don't forget about me.


  1. Gorgeous bag!! And I love the name, too!! ;-)

  2. Ha! I'm LOLing! Glad to know the story behind the name! And, again, I LOVE the bag!!!

  3. That is a really nice bag! I love the pok-a-dot ribbon! :) I'm tempted to try my hand at sewing this fall/winter....wish I could just pop over to your home to learn a thing or two! :)


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