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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bring out the Cozy

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Hello September.  There I've said it, too.  It's one of those realizations that the months just have flown by for me... and although we're six or seven days into the month of September... I'm gun-ho ready for this upcoming season.  Bring on the cozy fall weather.  Note the changed out header photo. ;)

There is nothing quite like the cooler temps encouraging us to bring out the cozy.

Whether it's through the kinds of meals we make or the comfy clothes we choose to wear... even down to the feel of the house.  We all know when "cozy" is just oozin' out of us.  At least I do.

You all know I love rainy days...and we've had several of those in a row around here.  I love the sound that a rainy day brings... it's cozy!

I love that it's staying darker longer - in the mornings.  Great sleeping weather.  Cozy!?!?!?!

We've recently had several meals come our way, with the birth of our new baby.  A meatloaf meal or chili and cornbread just screams out cozy to me.  Doesn't it for you?

I've been finding myself changing out clothes in my closet.  Bring on the blue jeans and comfy (earth-tones a.k.a. my colors) long sleeved shirts...


Perfect timing for me!!  The coffee maker has been cranking it out.  Now that I'm not pregnant anymore... I'm faithfully filling up my coffee cup with that yummy hot brew on a regular basis...all within reason, of course.  I don't want my little gal to become her Mother's worst nightmare...and not sleep.

Which, by the way...is what it seemed like last night. 

Boy.  Did it ever feel good to snuggle in a little longer this morning - as my hubby took a turn with Jayne, giving her a bottle instead of me trying to stay awake - one more time.  (Jayne wasn't her usual self of giving me the six hour stretch at night, like she usually does.  Hmmm.)


Did I mention to you that Caleb will start going to Preschool - come next Monday?  Thoughts of "going to school" is relative to this topic of coziness as well.  Apples.  Books.  Clothing.

Speaking of apples.  That is on my upcoming to-do list.  To can and/or freeze applesauce for the upcoming year.  We're totally out.

Speaking of books.  I'm ready for good-read.  I'm usually not one for fiction.  But, I'm feeling like I need a good heart-warming, tear jerkin', story line.  Any sugguestions??

Speaking of clothing.  I already mentioned that I've been sorting through my clothes... but it's time again to do the kids drawers and closets - making it fit for the season.  I might tell you soon that anybody (local friends) looking for infant boy clothes (size 0-on up) may "come and get it". 


Wow.  Enough of me and this rambling post...

What about you?  What constitutes cozy in your heart and home?


  1. Yes! I'm ready too! I too dusted off the ol' french press and started drinking coffee again! I LOVE this time of year!

  2. It's actually comical to hear you talk about the cooler temps and the "normal" fall weather. Since Washington had almost no summer, she decided to have it now. We have a week of in the 80's, which is beautiful! We're hanging outside, enjoying summer, but I think I'll leave the fall decorations in the attic for just awhile longer.


  3. Yep!!! We're feelin' the cozy here, too! Sweatshirts and long pants have been a must the past couple of days. More blankets on the bed and some of my favorite fall dinners are on tap!

    Hope Jayne has a better night tonight so her sweet momma can get some sleep!

  4. OH I do enjoy summer, with it beachy days and not snow suits but Fall is my FAVOURITE!!!!! I love everything you wrote about, rainy days, cozyness, books, good food, snuggly sweaters, my favourite coat and the hint that Chirstmas is around the corner. *bliss*

    I can't wait to post/blog more about good food, cozy days, and bunkering in for the winter! :)

    Good books...hmmmm, some I have read and liked are: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, The Yearling, A Painted House....not sure about your taste but these fit what you said you were looking for...that's all I have off the top of my head, but I'll let you know if I think of any more!


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