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Friday, September 30, 2011

Celebrating Tea

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Yesterday, someone asked me if I had "captured any moments"?  Vague question - but YES! was my answer. 

I was at a long awaited family event, what I'll call, a Celebrating Tea Party - with my mom, her three sisters and as many of the girl cousins that could come.  Even the gals married into the family were invited.  About 22 of us in all.  It was a wonderful day.

Each sister and her respected family were in charge of a portion of this four-course meal.  My mother's oldest sister Janice and her gals were in charge of the appetizer (oops, no photo)and of course the setting was held in my Aunt's home.  It was very nice.

My Aunt Sara and her gals were in charge of the soup and salad.  This was a delicious selection of two different kinds of soup.  Garden Chowder and a Butternut Squash Bisque.  The Salad was beautifully put together with mixed greens, feta cheese, dried cherries, walnuts and a drizzle of poppy seed dressing.

Next up was the main course - prepared and served by my Aunt Eunice and her gals.

I regret I didn't get a photo of the main course.  How silly of me!  But as each course was finished the "gang" would all disappear to visit in the other room or wherever until the next Sister and her gals were ready with their "menu".  Waiting approximately a 10-20 minute window.  Basically - we needed to give each other our space and elbow room.

Each "family" was to bring all of their dishes needed, serving utensils, and if you were serving tea or coffee - those things needed, napkins...etc.  So, basically each time we all came back to the table it was a "fresh look" at our place setting.  We would share what each one brought, with it's description (so we would know what we were eating) and perhaps the basic recipe.

The main course was elaborate in that we were served a lovely variety of food...
Bacon wrapped green beans
Small fan-cut baked potato with chives and cheese
Breaded (in crushed seseme crackers) boneless chicken breast
 Steamed shrimp with cocktail sauce
Stuffed Mushroom
and more.

Each gal was to supply her own Tea Cup and Saucer - for the event.  When we arrived we were to sit it down randomly at the table so as to be our "name tag" but to encourage mingling.  Does that make sense?  We weren't necessarily to sit with/beside our own mom and sister's.

One of the things that we did in between courses was to go around the table and share "the story" behind our tea cup and saucer.   Some fun and interesting tales were told.  This was my place, at the table, and my blue and yellow tea cup with saucer.  I'll tell you the story that I shared, with the gals - as to how I got this tea cup.

This tea cup and saucer was given to me as a gift from another cousin of mine (on the other side of the family).  She gave it to me - along with the book: THE SPIRIT OF LOVELINESS, by Emilie Barnes - as a way to encourage me in my femininity.  I know (and she knew it too - and saw it) there was a time, back in the day, where I was going through a "tomboy" look/stage.  I dressed it too, with the blue jeans and very casual look.  I know she was trying to encourage me to grow in the beauty of true Biblical Femininity as well... and to this day I really value her thoughtfulness, her bold gesture and the grace with which she presented it to me.  I haven't forgotten that moment.
Shh!! I still love my ratty blue jeans... but I do know that when I wear a skirt/dress, add some makeup and a little bit of happy...for the regular run-of-the-mill sort of day.  I feel really, really beautiful.
So, my mom and sister's were in charge of the dessert portion of the Tea Party.  We served decadent dessert as best we could. (See above photo)  Again, I failed to get all of the details in photos. 
We served...
 Coffee and Tea
Homemade Chocolate, Pecan and Coffee Biscotti
Lemon-glazed Shortbread cookies (that simply melted in your mouth)
Warm glazed Apple Tarts
White Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries and Cream

One thing that was nice with all the time in between courses - we were actually hungry for the next course and especially for dessert and it could actually be enjoyed.  At least, that's what we were told. 
I can't even tell you the varied rounds of conversation that ensued... the peals of laughter... the tears... the stories shared...the memories.  It was really a fun day - had by all.

This next photo is of my Mother and her sister's. 
My mother, Rhoda, is the youngest, she is the one standing. Circling around the photo seated next to her is my Aunt Sara. The next oldest sister, my Aunt Eunice, is sitting in front of her and the oldest sister, seated on the left is my Aunt Janice. I was born on my Aunt Janice's 30th birthday - so there is a special connection there. ;)

Here are the girl cousins.  Not near all of us could be here for this Celebration of Tea.  And, even for this photo a couple of the cousins had already left early - due to other commitments.

I took Jayne along with me - for obvious reasons. ;)  She did so good.  I was going to tease here and say that she didn't get held one bit...but you all know that is not the truth.

One of my cousins got Jayne to talking and then she decided she had, had enough.  She was tired... and we needed to head on home anyway.

It was a long but delicious sort of day...


  1. Looks like a very beautiful moment indeed! :) Now you need to share some of the dessert recipes please!!! ;) Oh and more pictures of Jayne, can't believe how much the little peanut has changed already.

  2. What a wonderful idea! I sounds like you had a great time! Jayne is quite a cutie.

    I left a comment on my post about the nursing cover, blocks and burp cloths so if you are still curious stop on by :)

  3. What a blessing you have in such a close family. I long for that in my family, that my kids would stay close and the cousins would be friends. I'm so happy for you.

    The food sounded so good, made me wish I were a cousin for another reason. :)

    Jayne is adorable and blessed to grow up with so many spiritual examples.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fun idea! I love seeing the pictures of your family, and the food looks and sounds delicious! Jayne is absolutely adorable...

  5. oh mercy.It's just my kind of day. What I love best is the tea cup story. what a fun way to get a party going.{i'm totally stealing that idea by the way;-)

    photos are GREAT and some very lovely ladies might I add with one sweet little one.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this. what a good read this Saturday morning with my coffee;-)



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