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Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple Stories

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Today, Caleb gets to go on his first Field Trip, with his school, to Tabora Farm and Apple Orchard.  Scott took off the morning to go with him...as he needs a supervising adult to go with.  A parent/caretaker must go and no siblings.  I thought Scott would certainly enjoy making this first memory with our son.

I can't wait to hear of their experience and all of the Apple Stories when they get back home.


Speaking of stories.  I am continuing to name the thanks - towards One Thousand GiftsIt's been a slow go, for sure.  Building on the story that God has begun in my heart and life... to grow in giving thanks; displaying a life of gratitude...making it to be as it were, second nature.  It has not been easy.  I really stink at it.  I feel so "far behind"... as if it were really up to me to be on top of this?  But. God is gracious.  So gracious.  Too gracious?  I don't want to just list things.  I want it to be real.  Genuine.  Story-worthy.  Like that one prize-sized apple...worth it's weight in gold.  Not just one!  But a whole trees worth - loaded and laden with thanks.  A basket full.

Lord, open my eyes!  Help me to see - up high, down low.  Help me to pick joy! in {this moment}.

#481. fall pumpkins on my front porch

#482. apple orchards and first field trips

#483. the break in the storm-clouds

#484. tea lights in glass jars

#485. heavy arguments serious discussions

#486. {this moment}

#487. my hubby's help around the house - sweeping floors, folding laundry and picking up toys

#488. flags blowing in the wind

#489. travelling mercies

#490. decadent desserts

#491. new shoes

#492. pink skies

#493. babies sleeping peacefully

#494. steady rhythm

#495. the sound of raindrops

#496. falling leaves

#497. ladies discussing this book around my dining room table

#498. burps and settled tummies

#499. six weeks old is a beautiful age

#500. the sound of a ticking clock

#501. my "Old Soul"

#502. Tea Party moments

#503. memorizing Bible verses

#504. friends willing to babysit

#505. full baskets! the ones filled with toys, books, shoes, dirty laundry - even clean laundry, and especially the ones filled with apples...


  1. You have a way of making everything look and sound so wonderful! The little twist of ivy with the apples was so artistic.

    I love the thought of choosing JOY. Thanks!


  2. Amen to baskets filled with apples! :) We just went and picked up a second batch of apples - I'm so loving them this year! I hope the guys apple day is a hit!

  3. Nick had a good time talking to Scott today. Poor E was so cold that he was miserable! It still sounded like a fun trip. I love your list!

  4. Beautiful list of things to be Oh so thankful for! MMMM...I love apple season!

  5. I love apples and love the apple photo! Beautiful! Having a husband that helps around the house is such a gift... one I am grateful for too! :) Pink skies... love that. Yay for all kinds of full baskets!


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