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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Applesauce} 60+ quarts later

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::: At the End of the Day :::

What a wonderful day...spent working alongside my Mother.  We did seven and a half baskets of Golden Delicious and Empire apples - mixed, resulting in 60 + quarts of applesauce.  Only every jar in the house was used.  We had to run out for more lids.  We had to borrow jar rings.  Five of the intended-to-use jars got broken (before they were filled, Thank God!). 

The kiddo's did great!! 

I swept and washed the kitchen floor - by hand - this morning and let me tell you... there is nothing more rewarding then seeing the fruit of your labor sitting there all purty in the counter.  A job well done.

Now.  On for the eating of it over the next year or so.

Speaking of eating.  I'm mentally preparing dinner in my head, right now...

Today is Scott's 38th Birthday- again!

{{Read Here!}} 
Last year, when I originally wrote this post.  I posted that Scott had turned 38.   Duh!
And, he won't let me live it down. Of course, I corrected myself.  But, everything I wrote in that post is still true... and more.  Isn't it wonderful that is truly does get sweeter and sweeter as the years go by?

Happy Birthday, Honey!!  I love you.

PS:  I think it's cute how you are "so proud" of me and all of this applesauce makin' , I did, yesterday. {snicker} Thanks!  And thank-you, too, for getting up with the baby, last night, as you knew I was plum worn out.  Babe, you're the best!


  1. Wow-wee! That's a whole lot of applesauce! What an accomplishment!

  2. BEAUTIFUL sight. And you know, well, applesauce doesn't last very along when SOME people are around..... ; )

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!!!!!! What are you having for dinner??? Birthday dinners are very serious things......

    Glad you had a great Tuesday.... : )


  3. That applesauce looks delicious! Hope you enjoy! Happy belated birthday to Scott. Hope he had a great day. :)

  4. Hi Bev. I found you and it is a great site. I love all the apple sauce you did. WOW. You are such a sweet sister to help me out. I have so much to learn, and you are so patience. What a beautiful baby little Jayne is. She was so good all evening.Lov yah...

  5. WOW!!!

    I'm impressed in such a happy way for you!!

    Good Job!

    That's a lot of apple sauce!!! How fulfilling to see all those jars on your counter!!


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