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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming up Empty

.. . . .. . . . ..  . .. .. . .. . . .. . . . . . . .. . ... ..

You know...all summer long this planter sat out on our outside porch table waiting to get filled with something.  At first I thought about growing herbs in it or some beautiful flowering plants.  I thought about using it to house Citronella Candles. But with all of that... nothing came of it, nor went into it.

Nothing but empty.

You know?  Good intentions are just that.  Good intentions. 

But...Do you know what I'm doing today?

Making good on my intentions from a couple of weeks ago.

I don't know if you remember me saying about needing to be going through the kids clothes closets and drawers and changing them out for the season... getting rid of and passing off stuff.


Today is the day.

The older two kiddo's are at Grandma Rhoda's today - Jayne is here with me - and we're having a grand ole time.  We're emptying out bins...filling up 'trash' bags of clothing...getting ready to haul it off to whomever and wherever.

::: :: :::  Excuse me... I hear a knock at the door!  ::: :: :::



I'm back.

That was an old neighbor of ours who stopped by with a HUGE bag/basket full of clothes.
Wondering if I could use them he says, "It's the change of seasons, you know.  We're just going through my kids stuff - emptying out - and if think you'd want to go through this - you're welcome to it.".

I say he came by on the right day. 
Funny thing is.  I was just thinking about this old neighbor of ours as most of the clothes I'm going through for Caleb is from this guy and his young son, from two years ago's hand-off.

Too funny.

Even more funnier, in my opinion, is that this post did not turn out the way I had originally intended.
I kept coming up empty for words.

I decided to leave it alone for a couple of days and well today was the day it came to you as it has.

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. I was just looking at some of my empty pots on the deck and a few plants that died before they got into pots. I've learned that I'm not Super Woman and I give myself permission to not get it all done.

    You have three empty pots, but three very happy children. I think you made the right choices with your time. :)

  2. Bevy,
    I have enjoyed reading several of your blogs and catching up on how you are. First of all congratulations on the birth of your third child. I'm so happy for you. I still think about you often, and miss having you as a neighbor.
    Rachel P.

  3. @ Rachel P. Nice to hear from you, Rachel. Glad to have you reading here. Come by for a real visit if and wehen you can. (smile)


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