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Friday, October 14, 2011

A good day? Sure. Why not.

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Today was a good one... as all days should be... but sadly, not all of them are.  Or at least I don't see them as "all good".
 It was good in that today I found some peace and quiet amidst the chaos of it all.  Yes!  There was lots of that chaotic-ness going on (at least around here)... and I was about ready to tear my hair out. Seriously.

It started out taking Caleb to school, this morning.  Wait.  The hour before leaving the house was/is always the worse, just with trying to get every one's ducks in a row and out the door and stuff.  About 20-30 minutes of being back at home and getting settled in to just "me and the girls", for the next two hours... the phone rings.

"Come get your son.  We think he might have pink-eye?"  What I think may be/is still allergies... but oh well.  So, off we go to go get Caleb from school.  The thing is.  I thought for sure that I had covered all of my bases.  Drops in the eye, allergy med and a pain reliever med. 

We ran a few more errands before returning home - again.

Only to"quickly" get a meal together for a family from our church.  Eventually, we get ourselves out the door for that run.  Wait.  Before we get out the door - The phone rings.  Apples are here, could I go and pick them up?  Sure.  I'll do that, too, while I'm out.  Wait.  Before I truly head out the door... there is a knock.  Friends stopped by with a gift for Jayne.  They help to haul my kids to the van...only to have it start RAINING like a large mama cow pissin' on a flat rock.  Did I just write that?  Yes, i did. 

It was really raining.  Then hailing.  And, windy too!!!!

We start to drive.  All of a sudden, the skies begin to clear and it's beautiful. The children are now fast asleep. Yes! All three of them.  And.  I'm beginning to sense a calm to flood my soul.  I am wishing though that I had my camera along.  I just kept seeing all of this intense beauty.  Everywhere I turned.   Actually I was wishing more that I could simply photograph with my eyes.  You know?  Wouldn't that be cool?  Just look at something and snap! a photo would be taken... to perhaps, make it last longer?  I don't know...

I'm hearing light snores coming from the seat behind me.  That is beautiful, too.

I do turn on the radio.  It's one of my most favorite talk-show hosts talking with a well-known Christian author about his new book release.  I miss most of the discussion... but catch this part.

"The child you grew up being is the person you still are".
He went on to say, that if all you hear as a child (growing up - those foundational years) is negativity, criticism, and condemnation - then you're going to really start believing that about yourself and from out of you will be that "spirit" or way about you.  (I'm totally paraphrasing- what I heard).

But.  Its true.

The author went on to say that, or rather to remind us that, Scripture tells us to "Train up - a child".  Not to "train down" - which is what so many of us do.  It reminded me of THIS.  We think that if we can "break them down" then they'll be obedient, respectful, and "perfect" little children, etc.  But...NO!  Parents are to parent with vices of encouragement, building up and loving {them} with the demonstration of humility as number one.  (again totally paraphrasing).

I sighed.  I cried.  I tried to process all of this, in the silences... as I continued to drive around this afternoon.  I know I totally fail in this area as a mom. ((You should hear me. Some days/moments - I can sound pretty rough.)) 
I was feeling like it ALL was a gift - from God.  A blessed moment to take in.  I needed this drive.  I needed to hear this man speak. I needed to see all this beauty - after this rainstorm had gone through.  I needed to see the day unfolding - like it was.  I needed to just let go and let God - get real with me.  Because, He cares!!

After an hour and a half or so of driving around to deliver this meal and to pick up two-bushel of apples; seeing the vibrancy of colors on display with the grey-blue storm-skies as a backdrop... we get back home in time to start making our own dinner.  The phone begins to ring again (off the hook), the kids are H.Y.P.E.R. (still)...the baby needs to be fed...the house looks like the storm came through at full speed - indoors.  I welcome my hubby home with a deep sigh, of relief?  We eat... oven baked beef stew and biscuits.

Later.  Someone ends up with a bloody nose.  Let's just say Caleb and Aubrey....well...
you fill in the blank. 

And it isn't long before I hear heavy, "heavy" snoring from the entire family.   Beautiful.

And...ahhh!  There is calm to this chaotic-ness once more.  I still have hair on my head.  Dishes are done.  The house picked up.  Yup!!  Today was good...

Beautiful, too?  Sure.  Why not.

**These photos are from a different {good} day.


  1. Hello.. I just came across your blog from over at Cindys and wanted to say that it is lovely. The pictures are so beautiful. We were in Pa. a year ago and loved it..
    Your posting was so sweet.. You are living the best years of your life now with your little ones still home ....God is just so faithful..
    God Bless...

  2. Love this post, Bevvy. Love and hugs!

  3. What a beautifully honest post to go along with your beautifully honest and real day!

  4. "only to have it start RAINING like a large mama cow pissin' on a flat rock."


    Loved the photos especially of the sheep. Having grown up seeing that everywhere and now not seeing it often, I just love seeing livestock out in the field!

    Great honest post! Some days are just good like that!:-)

  5. Our God is so gracious to quiet us down amongst the chaos and remind us of these things. Thank you so much for your honesty and openness to sharing this..a great reminder that I need to remember in the "heat of the moment" when things feel out of control. Have a great weekend my friend! (and continue to enjoy the beauty of the season.) Loving the fall colors!!!

  6. Wow, thanks for your honesty.. some days for me.. just getting out of the house helps.. it did last weekend.. as we cleaned out our shed.. garage and 1/2 of the basement... only a little more to go.. which will take a while.. but progress is being made.. after living here for 6 years.. and trying to sort in things from my parents house.. too.. and pictures.. that's going to take a while.. stuff.. I've never seen.. Yikes.. Thanks again for sharing..<3


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