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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.....I KNOW!!!! Look what the cat dragged in. It has been a long while. Too long actually. Not that it has not gone without reminder from Bevy...actually I constantly remind myself....and well then, we see what happens. I admit. I AM the worlds biggest procrastinator. SORRY.

I often see items that I will want to comment on and what I should do is keep me a list going. That's OK though, all the stuff I have missed commenting on over the years, we can discuss sitting in the presence of our Lord and Savior when that day comes.

One thing I did want to comment on today was Bev's post about extra curricular activities for the kids. If you did not read the post, I think it is Mon or Tue of this week. I am not saying do EVERYTHING, but I feel there are some things that should be cycled through a child's life:

1.) Music-Growing up you HAD to play an instrument and take music class (mine was Bass Clarienet\Clarienet)

2.) Sports-This is what Bevy is having the 'issue' with. They need orchestrated team environments to learn in as well. I think this can be overdone, but I only want them to have a persistent activity that takes them through seasons; IE: I could see Caleb with football in fall, wrestling in the winter, and baseball in the spring. Right now I just want to hone in Aubrey's desire for tumble and toss in gymnastics. While yes there are LOTS of things for her 'to break her neck on' around the farm there is something to be said about a structured environment and learning as a team to trust and depend on each other. Not to mention, the walking on top of fence post as a balance beam is not a good idea here...there is an 100V electric wire running along top of the fence.

3.) Scouts- Yes as a kid I grew up in Scouts. ALL KIDS will be going through Scouts. There are GREAT learning opportunities here and some of the requirements that you have to pass as you advance pay off in life. There have been bunches of times I have used an 'ole boyscout trick to get something done.

OK I will get off my soap box now.....but see! I only have 3 requirements for being a kid in this family. That isn't that bad is it?

Until next time,

BTW...Looks like we will be starting college on 11/1, please pray for peace and patience for us with each other and our kids.

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