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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"I thank my God every time I remember you."

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This lovely gift was addressed to Baby Jayne - it came in the mail a couple of days ago.  All handmade gifts so sweet - and completely a labor of love. 

:: From Jenn ::
 Sent all the way to us, from Michigan.  Thank you, my friend!

This next surprise came to us this past Saturday.  Aubrey couldn't wait to rip into the box.  She had her scissors out and everything.  She figured out and ripped the card right off the front of the box - which happened to be held on with packing tape.  It's good she ripped it off, Amanda.  I might not have realized it truly was a card in there...and not just the address label.  (smile)

:: These are only just a few of the gift items that came from Amanda and her sweet family - who spoiled this family with their lovin' on us.  All the way from Virginia.  Thank You!! ::


Which all of this made me think of a verse from the Proverbs.

"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed".
 ~ Proverbs 11:25

I was trying to think how I could possibly tie all of this into my gratitude post today (meant to be Monday) ... and here is how I think it will be... first let me share another verse with you from Philippians 1: 3, which reads...

"I thank my God every time I remember you."

I've decided to add YOU into the list...because it's true.  When you come to mind, I am so grateful for the way you matter to me; the blessing you are; the gift you'll remain to be.  Here is my disclaimer:  Regrettably, I KNOW I'm liable to miss someone - so in a sense this list includes you (my friend) whether you're name is listed or not. :) 

In no particular order... adding you to the list of One Thousand Gifts!

# 521. Rachelle N. ~ all around gracious way about her

#522. Amiee W. ~ contagious gift of laughter - forever friend

#523. Amanda H. ~ the sweetest neighbor anyone could have - true blessing!

# 524. Hayley W. ~ fun, sarcastic sense of humor - "great mom" example

#525. Becky L. ~ her words are truly seasoned with salt... great gift of encouragement

#526. Gail R. ~ well-rounded; talented and gifted in so many ways.  I love her humble heart - her "easy to come" tears.

#527. Jenn B. ~ a wonderful example in mothering from afar...truely inspirational

#528. Amanda C. ~ the sweetest southeren soul I know. truely amazing person.

# 529. Susie K. ~ her smile!  no matter what she's smiling. author, speaker, mother of nine... amazing woman!

#530. Denise P. ~ true picture of joy - endurance through it all.

#531. Christine G. ~ another blessing from afar.  constantly encouraging me

#532. Stacy S. ~ I love her "mothering" style - friendly, full of life, an artist

#533. Kristy H. ~ true servant heart - one who'll go above and beyond.  love you!!!!

#534. Deb S. ~ soft spokeness - another servant heart

#535. Gwen K. ~ true inspiration...an amazing "mom-example"

#536. Mitzi H. ~ talk about loyalty...this gal is it! great example of deep, faithful friendship.  I love you, my friend!

#537. Jayme G. ~ this gal keeps me in stitches

#538. Monica W. ~ one who inspired me to blog in the first place... this gal just is full of creativity, inspiration and honesty

#539. Lindsay O. ~ beautiful creative spirit about her... full of poise and humility. 

#540. Chris Ann S. ~ who has recently walked some rough roads and who reminds me to pray... for her and others.

#541. Mindy P. ~ another blessing from far away.  great spiritual insight and full of encouragement.

# 542. Jen F. ~ what's not to love about this gal? ... full of life, highly motivated and talented. 

# 543. Liana R. ~ young teenage gal - her helping hands...an extreme blessing. thank you!

Oh my word... I could go on and on.  I hope you know my heart that I would want to include many, many more of you beautiful people in my life.  But at least you know how thankful I am to God for you. 

Blessings! right back at ya.


  1. What a thoughtful post! This Body of Christ is a beautiful thing. So glad I found you at Ann's today! Joining you in posting late :)

  2. The gifts for baby Jayne were so delightful. You do have talented and generous friends. I loved those days of getting mail after a baby was born and seeing the Lord provide for my family through His lovely people.

    Thank you for mentioning me, I was touched. I was just thinking the other day how the Internet has really taken away the "isolation" of being a keeper at home. Blessings are only a keyboard away. Thanks for being a part of my online fellowship, sister!

  3. oh, your too much;)

    I'm blessed to call you my friend. And all these other women are too.

    So let me add to your list...

    Bevy~the most hospitable, creative and kindred girl I know;)

    Southern Soul Amanda

  4. Bevy, you amaze me! You always lift my spirits and make me smile. You always see the best in me and believe in me - just like God does. You are a picture of Christ to me. I love you, friend!

  5. Dear sweet friend! You too are such a blessing to me! Every time I hop on this blog or chat with you on the phone I am blessed! You have the BIGGEST heart in the world and I am so glad to call you friend! I Love ya! ♥

  6. Grateful for you my dear friend! You have the keen ability to minister "accidentally" as well as on purpose! Thank you for all you are, for all you chase after and encourage others to chase as well (like that moon for example!). You reflect, in your love for others, the love of Christ - and it's a genuine and true reflection. Love you and am thankful you are part of my life!

  7. What beautiful gifts, and what a beautiful list! I loved picking out the people I know and seeing how well you described them! :) Thank you so much, and thank you for being you. I'd love to see you more often, but at least I can visit you here. And, when I don't feel like I'm enduring things very well, I always come away feeling calm after reading your blog and looking at your gorgeous photos! xo

  8. Thanks for the kind words.
    You are truely blessed to have so many friends for are there for you.


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