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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ramblings of the Uninspired

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Oh hello... come on in!  I had a feeling you might stop by today!

I just put on the coffee because, it's on the chillier side of sorts and though I'd love to sit on the front porch to enjoy a bit of sunshine and chat with you today - it's got that nip out there - the kind that just calls for you to come on indoors and done a pair of fuzzy socks and grab a warm cup of something in hand. 
Besides, it was raining earlier this morning and you know, as much as I love me a rainy day... I'd rather cozy it up indoors.  So, come on in.

  Wait.  I want to show you something first.  Step back outside a minute. 

I was given a couple of little orange pumpkins the other day.  They look so fall-ish and festive sitting here in front of this galvanized bucket.  Of course you can't see them - since I took this photo before they arrived - but I wanted you to know they were here.  I am just loving me this fall weather.  October has just come upon us so quickly... dontcha think?  Like as in where did September go?  But, that's okay... I am certainly not complaining.

And you can't see them - but just down the flower bed, and around the corner, from these gorgeous beauties are my green bean plants, pepper plants and tomatoes that are pretty much over.  It's time to rip them out and throw them over the fence to the cows... and let them mama's finish them off.

My sister, Lorene, was over the other day.  I asked her to run on down the edge of the field and to "not be shy" about picking some of this goldenrod.  I thought it looked pretty sitting in this old feed bucket that I found out in the shed - sometime over the summer.  What do you think?  Look nice?

Okay, come on in... here, I'll hold the door for you

Yup! I know... you're smelling that fine sharp smell of the best pumpkin cake- evah! baking in the oven!!  It's almost ready to come out and sorry! - you can't have any of it.

Isn't that really mean of me?  Inviting you into my home for coffee, but no cake.

  I'm making it to send to dear friends of ours who just welcomed their newborn daughter home from the hospital last evening.  Little Elizabeth is just a long but oh such a wonderful story... we're so glad she's home!
So, have you been noticing the fall foliage popping out everywhere you look?  Around here, it's displaying itself everywhere and it's very beautiful too.

I was looking out of my sewing room window the other day and just had to take a photo of pop of color coming from across the cow pasture.  A zoomed up photo makes it look like it was raining pretty hard, doesn't it?  I don't think it was...

Have I had a chance to sew yet - you ask? 

I wish. 

There have been a few late nights recently where if Jayne has already settled and is sleeping... that I've been quite tempted to get in there.  However, usually I've been finding myself catching up with other stuff that needs attention around here.

Things such as the dinner dishes, tidying up around the house, laundry to fold (and or put away), budgeting or if I'm really good ... I'll go and catch up on my own sleep... by hitting the pillow early.  When Jayne was first born and home from the hospital, I would do that.  Go to bed when she did...I felt like I had the bestest, longest hours of sleep ever.  Not so much anymore and you know what?  She's been waking up more frequently through the night.  I don't know... maybe it's another growth spurt.  At her last weight check/dr. visit she weighed 10lbs, 5oz. 

"Nice apples", you say, as we sit down at my kitchen island to pour ourselves another cup of "talk". 

Yeah!  "The boys" had such fun at Tabora Farms yesterday. 
Lots of stories and certainly a neat perspective from my husband's point of view.
I knew he (Scott) would have fun going along.
And...obviously, by the photo, pears were bought as well as some nice Apple Cider.

Oh, maybe you would like a glass of that?  It's very tasty...

Enough about me, now what about you?  And why in the world do I keep noticing you glance at the clock?  Are you trying to go somewhere?  By the way... I was going to ask you this before you leave... What are some of the fall ideas you have for you and your home throughout the month of October?
  Do you have any new recipes to share or that you like to prepare this time of year?

Well... I really shouldn't keep you.  If you must go.

I hope the rest of your week is wonderful.  Come over again - please!! 
It's always a pleasure having you here.  I hope we didn't give you anything.  It seems like we all have slightly sore throats, coughing or watery eyes.  yikes!!

I call this out to you as your walking back out our sidewalk...

And, what are you making for dinner tonight?

I need some inspiration.


  1. oh me.
    it was so much fun chatting with you this afternoon.

    i'll take a cup of coffee over that cider anyday. so far;-)

    lvoe your fall decorations.

    my little one is sitting upon me with her little bevy booties on and i swear I'm going to post soon about how much I love the.

    for dinner. something your going to love. a new recipe of sorts.
    The Pioneer Woman's chicken tortilla soup. I'm waiting for my black beans to cook. and then I shall throw itall togetehr.
    and I will post this soon too.

    {loved this post}


  2. What fun Noodle! :) I love coming over for coffee...your's is always better than mine, I don't even try anymore. Torture to invite us into a wonderful smelling kitchen and not sharing...sounds yummy though. I have to think up a treat to make for your visit to my house next week. Looking forward to a real visit instead of a virtual one, though the virtual ones have been fun too.

  3. I love your flowers. You make me wanna' run out and fill some of my galvanized pots with pretty stuff. I haven't decorated for Fall yet... If I don't get it done, I'll just keep popping over your blog to enjoy your stuff.


  4. Well, I certainly enjoyed our visit! I'm making Fresh Basil Tomato soup from the last of my garden tomatoes. Have a wonderful day!

  5. haha, you THINK I would leave so quickly! ;)

    Pumpkin cake? Do share the recipe! Please! I really like the goldenrod in the pail! Very nice!

    I had to laugh at your comment on my blog, about the eerie pictures. It wasn't what I intended, (the lighting was bad and I thought that would help and also something alittle different) but I see what you mean!

    Since it is Thanksgiving here (in Canada) this weekend, I recommend turkey for supper, but that's just me! ;)


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