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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." { Proverbs 31:25}

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My husband, Scott, and I are about to embark on a new season of change. 

We're about to face it head-on ready or not - him with his nose to the books - me looking at the back-side of his head.  At least we're facing the same direction in the looking...

Three years (give or take) sounds like a long time...for a family man, a husband and a man with full-time employment to take on a round of studies in order to get his Bachelors of Science degree.

This will indeed require me to stand by my man...with confidence and a good attitude...to give him the constant encouragement he'll need.   And, with this comes FAITH.

Faith for the future.  The unknown.  Our future - our unknown


May my faith be marked with these three things:

1.  a quiet spirit  (no questions asked)
2.  a gentle spirit (no details needed)
3.  a sweet submissiveness (no struggling against the unknown)

::: :: :::

"Clothe my heart, O Lord, with strength and dignity...

I am so afraid of change and facing new challenges...
Allow me to feel your power, courage and strength - to take on
and go forward with new experiences.
Help me Lord to take "risks" (in my heart of faith) and to enjoy each new experience...
knowing it is a total growing process.

There will be no fear in my heart. I can laugh at the days to come." ~ Bevy


  1. Your words were encouraging and challenging for me. We may be starting on a similar journey in our house soon. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Praying with you as you start this new journey! God has grand things planned for all of us doesn't He!!!

  3. Praying! Looking forward to all the ways you guys are going to grow during this time - you are such a testimony of God's grace to us and I know He has great things in store for you. Love you guys!

  4. Wow, that will be quite a journey! I'll be praying.

    I was hoping to see you at the open house. We'll catch up one of these days!


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