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Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow Grateful

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What a fun surprise - snow in the forecast for this past weekend.  It's one of those things that you've heard it announced. but until you actually see it falling to the ground...does it hit you as true!   I loved it.  So beautiful and yet so strange.  Poor trees hardly able to bear up under the weight of all that snow and many of them didn't.  A lot of downed limbs and even wires across the northeast region.  Many were and still are without power.  I'm grateful that is not the case for us - this time around.

::: Our wash line :::

Seeing this made me think of the hymn...
"Lord, wash me and I will be whiter then snow."

As the day progressed the kids wanted to be outside... Scott was studying (or supposed to have been studying) and I figured - why not make our first snowman!  It looks like we got caught having fun.

Since Scott was at the door taking pictures... I asked him to run and get a carrot for our new friend's nose.

Not really sure how to segue into my gratitude post here... so you'll just have to bear with me.  I just find myself continuing to give God the praise and gratitude for the gifts He so graciously lavishes on us.
Here's to more of the ~ One Thousand Gifts ~

#544. snow covered pumpkins

#545. tree-line, a sitting silhouette, against salmon colored skies or deep blue and yellow

#546. skies ever changing, ever intriguing

#547. warm hats, mittens and scarves

#548. hot chocolate

#549. begging for marshmallows

#550. snowflakes on Caleb's eyelashes

#551. snow-beauty, pure and white

#552. hymns

#553. questions - repeated questions - from our four year old

#554. toddler determinism

#555. opportunities

#556.  Birthday's - reminder of God's faithfulness

#557. sixty plus quarts of canned applesauce

#558. new found blogging friends

#559.  Baby Jayne giving us several nights in a row of eight hour stretches of sleep

#560. John 3:16 ~ For God so loved...


  1. So pretty Bevy! Glad to hear that you are all okay and with power! Been watching on SKY news here in the UK about the heavy snowfall and thinking of all of my bloggy friends on the Eastern side of the US.

  2. awww...am I a part of #558? beautiful and sweet and I'm so thankful that we are doubly connected. {I especially loved the clothesline picture and the 'white as snow' verse:}

  3. Wow! Beautiful!!! I am so far behind on reading your posts! My connection to the internet has been bad lately...so today I'm doing a Treasured Up and Pondered marathon!


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