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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Cat's Meow

. . . .. . . . .. .. .. . . .. .. .. . .. . .. . . . . . ... .. .. ... .

I'm not sure which to say first.

"Please don't hate me."


"I'm sure I'm about to offend someone - so please accept my up-front apologies."


Here it is.

I have a HUGE dislike for cats.  HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate them.

See?  Sorry...if I offended you.

To soften the blow, I'm here to wish you a happy December 1st!  Wow... isn't this crazy at how fast this year has flown by?  Not, that the reminder has helped... I'm sure.

So, imagine my surprise, dilemma?, amused angst when I hear this soft, but loud, "meow, meow" - over in the next room.  It sounded very, VERY real!

Aubrey, here, isn't so sure she wanted to play along...

But, soon clued in that she had this "titty-tat" by the tail and that he'd do anything she ask.

Here is the cat in the cage... had I known this was going to happen I would've drawn on the whiskers.

Ta Da!!

Now.  It's "my" turn... and oh how that cat puts up a fight...

She got her wish...

And SOMEHOW this little one laid right there and purred right on through all the ruckus...She's amazing.

Or, should I say, The Cat's Meow?!?!

To clear the air and for the record.  I love my kids!  Just in case you were trying to read between the lines...and they got blurry fuzzy and grey.

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  1. I always loved watching my kids play. Their ideas were so amazing! The laundry baskets really look like a traveling kennel, so cute.


  2. I Love cats, but I am not offended! I actually have to in my house! :) Love your children's imaginations!

  3. And that's "TWO" not "to"...hmmm you wouldn't know from that typo that I minored in English! :)

  4. I'm not a cat lover either. It's ok.:-)

  5. Oh darlin' we could never, ever hate ya!!!

    There's just nothin' like a child's imagination or a precious sleepin' babe!

    Oh, that one is precious...and growin'!

    God bless ya and have a stupendous day sweetie!!!

  6. Ahhh, after all we have in common, I have found the one thing where we differ...(okay, I'm sure there are many, but so far this is it!) I like cats - okay, I dont' LOVE them, but I like them and even own one....but he keeps the mice away so at least he earns his keep! ;) But I'm certainly not a cat person....i'd totally kick him out if you came for coffee! ;) :D


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