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Friday, November 18, 2011

(Friday) Favorite Things

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Today, I'm thinking of....and thankful for...

::: Serenity :::

::: Leaves of Gold :::

::: the gathering, to come:::
I love seeing birds all lined up on the overhead wires.  This photo was taken out my kitchen window... zoomed out as far as my little camera could handle. This recent regular sighting always brings a smile....

::: the most delicious Frosty Pumpkin Butterscotch Cookies that there ever was :::
We made these again this week and they're gone. 
 Every. Single. Last. One. 
::: my two little Indians :::
Caleb's school creations and that he willingly shared his headress, necklace and popcorn snack with his sister.

::: Homespun Baby! Shoes:::
Order placed, completed and sent on it's way - today!  Thank you - Amanda.

::: Fiery Sunsets :::

::: the perfect fit :::

Both in the hat (gift from cousin Lizzie!) and in our daughter - for our family.  She's perfect!
friday favorite things </P>
<P>finding joy


  1. When I read your blog, I'm always torn between what looks more delicious - your babies or your baking! :)

    After watching Anne of Green Gables, babies are always delicous to me....

    Enjoy your blessed weekend.


  2. Those cookies look yummy and loved the picture of Jayne!!!

  3. I'm doing my blog catching up tonight:)

    love those homespun shoes!!!!

    My friend Renee is who they are for. She will be thrilled!!!
    She always compliments Ava on hers;)

    btw, Jayne is so very beautiful!
    and growing:)

    I'll take one of those cookies and a hot cup of coffee while I catch up here:)

    love you friend~

  4. Bev! Those baby shoes are so good. I love them : )
    I love the kids pictures. You know I have a thing for kids. They are cute, cute, cute to the max!
    And the cookies.... HOLY COW! They look perfect : )


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