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Monday, November 28, 2011

gather round for a cup of talk

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Leaving my usual Monday posting with thoughts on gratitude.   I thought we'd sit down for a Cup of Talk, today.  How about it?  Come gather round...

The front porch is nice but WAY too chilly, these days. ;)  And, I don't have a fireplace to pull up to and so I guess it's around the kitchen table.  Come on in.  The coffee is on...

{snicker} Don't you just love this chicken photo?  I took it the other weekend - when I was up at my sister's place.  I ran out to their local Bulk Food store to pick up some Unroasted Cornmeal.  They had chickens out in their back forty. Fun, fun creatures.  And anyway, this cornmeal is the best stuff around...


Good Morning!  So, how in the world are ya?  I just got home from taking Caleb to school, his first day back after Thanksgiving Break.  Aubrey is off on an early morning gator ride with Mr. A - doing some farm chores, around the farm. She saw him out on the gator when we drove in.  She asked begged and He said, SURE!  and wow! she's in her glory...

I'm holding Jayne, typing with one hand... she's growing so nicely and way too fast...well, I was holding her.  She fell asleep and while I would love to hold her longer, I think I will be able to get a few things done around here (better) if I lay her down.  I love having two hands...

So, tell me...How was your Thanksgiving?  If you don't mind, while you tell me all about it I'm going to mix up some  White Chunk Macadamia Cookies.  I found the recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks and Aubrey has been begging for "cookies"...so I thought I would oblige.  Actually, they were on my agenda to bake last night while I decorated the house for Christmas.

Wait.  Let's talk about Christmas, for a minute.  Are you in the "mood for it" - so soon?  I mean, it feels just like yesterday that we pulled out the decor, decorated the house and had our whole family in our home to celebrate Christmas day...the day when we first told our family we were expecting a new baby. Our third.  Surprise!

I tell you what.  I've been really struggling to consider doing this, this year.  It feels like a lot of work... I mean it REALLY snuck up on me this year.  I've slowly been getting inspired to "recreate the memories" for my children.  They sure did love to "redecorate" the house for me last year and I'm sure it won't be much different this year.  Christmas is, down-deep, one of most favorite times of year and so I've decided to get it all out and get busy.  However.  Well.  Here's the thing.  I needed help.

I had to borrow one of my brothers to come over to help get it all out of the attic.  They're so tall, you know.  Our access to our attic is through a pull-down trap door in the ceiling and that required moving beds and using a rickety ladder (part of the door) that is "broken" or a stool, whichever.  I wasn't about to attempt it myself. 

The reason that Scott couldn't help me is that it is his tradition to head up to my sis and brother-in-law's to sleep there for the night, so that he can be up early and in the woods at 5 minutes to sunrise for the Buck Monday- opener.  By the way... he called me about twenty minutes before I left to take Caleb to school to tell us that he shot a buck this morning.  He had just shot it and needed to climb down out of his tree-stand and go "find it".  Although, I think it was laying just off a couple of yards away.  I'm still waiting to hear more of the details.  That's pretty exciting.  Meat for the freezer.

Excuse me.  The cookies are ready to come out of the oven, and boy, do they ever smell good... do you want one?  And Jayne is waking up now too, hungry, and it's soon to time to go get my son - from school.  Sheesh!  Some mornings sure go faster then others, you know?

But I wanted to tell you this first, before I run.  Remember these two huge pumpkins?  Well... guess how much pumpkin I was able to put up from these two HUGE beauts?  Fifty-eight cups of pumpkin...and I probably would've gotten more - but enough is enough already.  We'll be set in the pumpkin dept. for awhile.  This means lots and lots of pumpkin bread and pumpkin cake/squares and even pumpkin soup.  Yummy!  I'm so glad I did it up when I did - it was getting too cold for them out on our front porch.

Speaking of cold(s)!  We've got them.  Oh my word, what a rough night the other night.  Aubrey kept coughing and waking herself back up.  Both Scott and I have had an ear ache come and go for several days now.  Jayne sounds like a "junky monkey"... Caleb gets to hackin' if he gets too busy running around and what not.  We're doing the usual - natural cough syrup for the kids, vicks rub downs at night and (infant) Tylenol if needed (for Jayne).  Taking Vitamin C like there is no tomorrow.  And, just keeping up with our noses - the tissues and suction bulbs are our friends right now.  Please pray!!  We're doing a lot of that right now - as well.

Great talking with you.  I hope your day's remainder is a blessing to you.  Come back again...soon, I hope!

I think, I'll just go and crank up the Christmas music a little louder; enjoy that the kids are getting some fresh air outdoors and finish deckin' the halls with the same old "memories".  Oh... and try to figure out what to make for dinner.  Chicken? 

I do know what's for dessert...if they all don't get eaten in the meantime.


  1. Precious... I feel like we just got off the phone and that I had a good long catch up conversation with an old friend. :-)

    Thank you for the cookies, they were delicious.


  2. The picture of the chickens made me laugh! What a busy morning. I can see why your days fly by!

  3. This year I'm not in the mood to decorate for Christmas, mostly because we're really busy and I know that whatever I take out of the attic, I eventually have to put back. Hubby and I decided last night what we need to make it "feel" like Christmas, and got that done. We might do more, might not.

    I plan to DO more this year, more baking and candy making. It seems I can't do it all anymore. Last year I decorated like crazy, but hardly baked any goodies.

    I loved your Monday chat. Just made me wish I'd had a cup of coffee in my hand while I was reading, I really would have felt like I was sitting at your kitchen table!

  4. so nice catching up with you:)

    I'll take a cookie. or two. or maybe even three.
    cause it's christmas time and all and who ever worries about what they are eating?

    bless this time of quiet that you have right now. It's always good to have quiet,.
    to think.


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