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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God's provision in the literal eleventh hour | Scott's Second Sayings

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Howdy!!  This is a testimony taken way too long in the sharing - sorry.  But I'm so excited to get to share it with you today... and finally.  And since today is the second of the month normally my husband would be writing this post with the subtitle - "Scott's Second Sayings".   However, I get to do it today.  Since he has officially started online schooling for his Bachelor's of Science, as of last evening... he told me to just "go for it".  And...he knows... he feels badly that he has not taken the time to do "his part" with these sorts of posts for a regular length of time.  Life?

For those of you who are *new* to this blog... my husband has taken on the liberty to write a post on the 2nd of each month in hopes of "clearing the air" or by giving a new or his own perspective on something that may have have come up in my blogging.  All in good fun!  And - it's great having him on board.  Enough of explanation.

Here is the greatest testimony of something that happened back in early SeptemberSee!  I told you it was forever ago that this story should have been shared.
Starting with the old car.  Scott's car, dubbed Scott's Blue Bomber (the Chevy Cavalier), pretty much gave up the ghost.  It wouldn't pass inspection due to rust issues (the body rusting away from the uni frame).  It had its other issues as well.  But this car - a previous answer to prayer, at $500., served us well for over three years. Inspection on it was up in late September.  And back in late July... the catalytic converter went out on it...leaving it basically undriveable for what turned out to be over a month long... meaning we were down to one vehicle, now and Scott would use our mini-van to go to work.
School was soon starting for Caleb.  I had been borrowing cars left and right to do things that I needed to do.  Jayne was a brand new baby in our home... life was edgy. 
As a matter of fact. School had started for Caleb a week ago by now... I was borrowing Grandma's car to get him there while she watched the girls... but on this up and coming week she was planning to be gone for the next couple of months (out of town), in fact, she was leaving the next day, Saturday! and I was beginning to "panic" about what was to come of a ride to school for Caleb come that next Monday morning.

Mind you... all of this time, from July on, we had been looking for another vehicle for Scott.  We prayed.  We waited (long story). We listened to other people's suggestions for car potentials and we'd go check them out.  We'd pray some more.

It was late Friday night.  10-10:30pm to be exact.  Scott got home late from fixing someones computer... the kiddo's were fast asleep.  I was "playing" on our computer... Scott begins looking through the mail and sees an envelope from the car dealer - who we've had dealings with for the past several years.  Usually these "pieces of mail" are a toss out.
There we find a letter...referencing a unique deal that they had going on... since we were part of this GOLD CLUB thingy... they were offering to take the $ amount that we had on this points card... bump it up the next $100. PLUS add an additional bonus of another $100. on top of that.

Basically.  We were given a coupon for $800. to be used against the purchase of another new or pre-owned vehicle. Something they had never offered before that we know of.  We had $2k set aside of our own to work with.  That was it.  And we were bound and determined to stick to our guns and stay within budget.  Cash Only!!

Scott "rips" the computer out of my hands... and says "lets see what this dealership has on their lot".  He's sitting there for awhile and all I hear is "whoa!"... and silence.  I prod him to hear what he's reading about and he starts throwing me the stats on this particular Subaru Outback.  A car that is already On Sale for $2,995. 

By now the time is 11:30pm and he decides to go ahead and call the dealership, leaving a message for the gentleman that we know over there.  That way it will be there first thing for the guy to hear when he gets into work the next morning.

Saturday morning...finds Scott up early and out the door.  He calls me a couple hours later and says that this car has been essentially the answer to our prayers... in the literal eleventh hour God has answered our prayers. This car was clean!  No rust.  All service/maintenance records available.  One previous owner. It even had a roof rack for that hopefully dead deer this up and coming hunting season.  He was bringing it home to test drive... for me to look at it... I drove it around the block...and gave it my thumbs up.  **Except for the fact that it was NOT a stick shift as it had been advertised that it was.  If anything... that was the only and biggest bummer!

You know what we did?  We put all three car seats in this car... drove it back to the dealer and by 12:30pm that Saturday afternoon, with some extra wheelin' and dealin', that Subaru was bought and paid for - all within a cash budget.  Scott slept so peacefully that night.  We all did.  The worry was over...

The Lord had provided a real blessing.  And... I know I've missed so many fine details of this story, and I probably didn't even convey the half of how grateful we are in God's provision.  The Subaru has really turned out to be a "gem" of a deal...and our faith, in that eleventh hour, was renewed. 

Good bye, Blue Bomber!

Scott's buddy bought the Blue Bomber off of us - to be used as a Demolition Derby car in the next to near future... and we continue to marvel at how God's timing is right on.  It never fails.  He is faithful to meet our every need - even in the darkest hour. 

Now we can't wait to go to this derby race and watch the Blue Bomber "come back". Oh yeah! To give it it's all in a last ditch effort to remain a forever memory for our family.

Happy Trails - ahead - with the *new* Sub(aru).


  1. A blessing indeed!

  2. We spent 25 years of our marriage driving miracle cars my hubby found. Same price range, many we were second owner, and we rarely had car repairs, if we did, hubby could fix. This year, we bought a brand new Jeep, and it had some major factory thing wrong, and it was in the shop for ONE MONTH with the mechanics scratching their heads and flying in engineers from the main branch. I think honestly, it was because we didn't pray as much. We had the money, but lost the blessing of answered prayer.

    May the Lord bless you and your family in this wonderful God-given vehicle!



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