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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In search of blessing, dig another well.

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As we sat around the room, the care group ladies and I, discussing chapter nine (titled, Go Lower) of Ann's book - One Thousand Gifts, this thought-picture came to my mind.

"The lower we go - the fuller we become".

It's like when we unearth the layers, places that are deep within us...and I mean these places go deep... pretty soon it's like there is nothing but what seems like giant, murky, muddy holes that simply want to swallow us up.

But, what if, in the depths, we've hit water?

Deep water wells that are full of - the Living Water
The Holy Spirit?

So it is in the area of giving thanks.  We need to go lower, to really get to the bottom of where true gratitude is due.  It's humbling how low we (need to) go.  Sometimes its really hard to give thanks for those "dry times", isn't it?   And, sometimes even those wells get filled up with "dirt".  Useless?  I'm thinking of Isaac - in the Bible.  He just would move on, to the next place, and dig another well.   Digging a hand dug well - not an easy feat to accomplish, I'm sure.

I like what Ann says... (on page 172, third full paragraph)
I humbly give God thanks for the gifts.  I practice eucharisteo.  And in that place of humble thanks, God exalts and gives more gifts and more of Himself, which humbles and lays the soul down lower...
He must increase and I must decrease - not because that is burden but so that my joy might increase with more of Him!

I love the thought of this:  In search of blessing, pick up the shovel and dig another well.  I don't mean because I can't see a blessing in a situation (a deep, deep trial or even a minuscule interruption in my day) that I "move on" to look somewhere else or to something else to find happiness.  When I say dig another well - I'm thinking (learning this myself - literally just yesterday) more of really searching the depths of our hearts, digging deeper to see the glory (of God!) in the "mud of the moment".  His Joy runs deep - when we're in HIM!... that is the Living Water.  Refreshing.  Satisfying.  Unending - it never runs dry.  But, in that, "move on - digging another and another" and continue to see the Wells of his Grace pop up all over the place.  In every moment, in every situation of our lives.

If we can continue to do this... over time... our hearts will soon take on what really is not just holey, but holy ground.

(digging deep...giving thanks...continuing to count)

#561. when radiators blow...

#562. when transmissions are about to blow...

#563. that things like this happened - on the weekend

#564. that repair bills are 'managable'

#565. that we don't live a mile further - from the dealership

#566. baby Jayne sick with a cold this past week, yet still pleasant and now feeling somewhat better (no fever!)

#567. new doctors
#568. the purchase of a DVD/VCR combination

#569.  Grandma Susie is back home - this week - hopefully to stay (for awhile):)

#570.  me waking sleeping beauties up - ON PURPOSE! - and they were okay about it... no crying

#571. as a family, with family, gathered around the table

#572. steam rising off of coffee

#573. driving through a beautiful foggy morning (once again, wishing I had my camera)

#574. white frosted fields

#575. the smell of buttered toast - the taste is way better

#576. lonely evenings in Mothering while my husband studies

#577. to hear him say "one course, down! - only 80 more to go"

#578. the way my daughters smile at each other

#579. {tickle, tickle, tickle} - Jayne almost audibly giggles, already? at two months?

#580. Coffee Cake with an added "why not?" addition of chopped apples and walnuts.  Nice!

#581. photos taken from my youngster's perspective

#582. these new-fangled battery-operated candles (safe decor!)

#583. the FREEDOM to vote - our privilege, our right

#584. this phrase:  She who is flexible will not get bent out of shape.

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