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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a new creation

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"The old is gone...the new has come... if anyone is in Christ... he is a new creation.  He is a new creation."

There was humming and singing going around in my head and coming out of my mouth.  Caleb's too!   I would catch us both singing this song through out the day.  It was kinda cool...hearing my four year old...singing about something that he doesn't really understand, but boy! does he ever know how to bring on the challenge for me. 

To be a *new* creation when it comes to mothering/parenting.

There is so much happening in my son's (preschool) world right now.  His mind is growing with rapid speed.  He is exploring this world of so much to learn.  His social skills are being honed in on and challenged.  His ability to simply keep up is being stretched.  His manner's?  oh yea...they're there, but sometimes they hide. ;)
He's doing GREAT!!  I'm full of excitement and I'm so proud of him.  However.

Every day he goes to school, he just comes home with SO MUCH energy/defiance - it's an interesting combination.  Is it out of...Exhaustion?  Hunger?  Peer Influence?  Boredom?  I quickly find myself reacting rather then responding.  Something I really have been working on for a long while and something I don't want to keep doing.

I have to daily remind myself that he - like me - is a sinner in need of a Saviour.

Create in me a clean heart, Oh God; and renew a right spirit within me.  Cast me not away from thy presence; {Oh Lord}and take not thy holy spirit from me.  Restore until me the joy of thy salvation; and renew a right spirit within me.  {Ps. 51: 10-12, as sung out of the KJV}

And, through this daily prayerful process... I can say I am (becoming) a New Creation.  That these moments with my son are not merely an interruption, a challenge, or even an over-all frustration but simply an opportunity.

An opportunity to share the gospel with him and to live out the gospel before him. 


  1. MMM....Love that verse! It is one that we can all pray with fervency!

  2. and praise the lord we don't stay "the same"

    always changing.

    that's how you can really know a person is serving God.

    Don't you think?


  3. I love your post today Bev. Your love and concern for your children and love for the Lord is a real blessing to me. You are a peach.

  4. My neighbor goes through the same thing with her six year old son. She makes she she feeds him a healthy snack the minute he walks in the door. It usually helps. Then, when blood sugar is restored, they talk. Then, he goes out to play.

    May the Lord give you wisdom in finding what works best for your dear little man!



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