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Monday, November 21, 2011

Wearing Thanks!

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((Today I want to talk about two slightly different scenarios that I've been thinking about:  And, I'm hoping to tie the two together so that it will make sense.))

You hear this comment made; "What is that you're wearing?  It smells so nice..."

Or, how about this one? 

You know that sweater-gift you recieved last year?  Well, the only real way to say "thank-you!" is to wear it.

I heard this last statement on the radio the other day and it got me to thinking.  Wear it?  The only real way to truly demonstrate our thankfulness... is to "wear it"?  I know this person was talking about the sweater gift... but could she have been implying - the thanks giving?

Like I said, I've been thinking about this for a couple of days, now.  And, I know thankfulness is certainly something that I don't wear naturally.  Being "grateful" or "thankful" all. of. the. time. can be rather wearing - if its not genuine.  If you know what I mean? 

But I've decided that the more I clothe myself with a spirit of gratitude...it actually kinda fits.  Its growing on me.  Its becoming more and more comfortable -  fitting at least a bit more so then it did yesterday - like that favorite pair of blue jeans.

It even smells kinda nice.

 Put on...the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness... the oil of joy instead of mourning. (taken out of - Isaiah 61:3, KJV)

I like to think of it as purposefully, intentionally wrapping yourself up in that mindset...one that is not easily - or willing- to be taken off.  Replacing what once was with the new and the now familiar. 

How do you wear THANKS?  Do you wear it well?  Is it a sweet sense of style you've got goin'?  Not because you have to... but, because you get to.


Continuing to snuggle deeper into the gifts I've been given - wearing that sense of gratitude on my sleeve... that sweet aroma coming off from behind me.  I have been blessed.

(One Thousand Gifts)

#605. my sons excitement due to a surprise friday night playdate with his cousins, via Uncle Justin  ~ precious face

#606. so much so, that he wanted to dance, with mom, in the middle of the kitchen

#607. we did...we twirled and laughed...holding hands, my son and I with my two left feet

#608. my 3 year old daughter's sweet kiss on my cheeks..."Mom! you're my best friend.", she says

#609. the way his white t-shirt wears snuggly across his frame

#610. that he wears his facial beard, just for me - because I love it!! 

#611. the squeeze I feel in my heart when my baby girl coohs and smiles "her thanks" after a diaper change

#612. (speaking for my husband) last night....when the computer "lost" the whole evenings worth of typed out information/studies... but that...a majority of recovery was possible. (He wore it well!! - I noticed.  I told him so!)

#613. the smell of fresh-air-line-dried laundry clinging to our clothes

#614. homemade soap - the scent of Lavender and Honey Oatmeal --- (found here).

#615. dark or white chocolate Reeses P. Butter Cups... can't decide which I love better

#616. humble advice AND encouragement from a friend, on marriage...found here.

#617. opportunities to bless others with a *new baby* meal, this week

#618. hearing my son lament...literally hearing him "just talking to God"

#619. playing in the piles of golden leaves

#620. bags & bags of hand-me-downs...thank you!
#621. Great is Thy Faithfulness...LORD...unto me.

Let me ask you this.  Do you think God "smells" the gift of our thanks?  That he senses we are wearing it well?


  1. Hi Bevy, I love your post. What a wonderful way to put it. :) I have enjoyed many of your posts I have read in the past few weeks. I found your blog through someone else. I don't remember who :) I have so many wonderful blogs now on my blog list. I have started a blog. It is only about 3 weeks old or so. If you'd like to check it out that would be great. http://throughthewoods2.blogspopt.com I will look for you followers area and sign up. I love your blog. Take care, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :) Janet W

  2. I loved the thought of wearing thanks...thanks for the spiritual encouragement. You always challenge me in the most holy faith.

  3. you wear gratitude so very well.

    inside and out:)


  4. The days I am not thankful are the saddest and most miserable of my life.
    Beautiful reminder.


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