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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

19th of December | Photo Project

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I realized that I had forgotten to post yesterday - but I did manage to take a photo. So here it is.

Meet Joseph and Mary and their donkey taking them to "Jerusalem"...

Quite seriously.

I thought this to be quite "adorable" as yesterday I overheard my two youngsters, here, playing rather adamantly.  I said, "Caleb, don't you mean you're going to Bethlehem?" to which he turns and looks at me and says, "No! Mom, I'm Joseph"...quickly correcting me.  "Well, excuse me, Joseph."

Too bad, when I pulled out the camera the imaginative play died off.  ;(  Until next time.... with something else.
Even still, just this morning.  Caleb was looking over my shoulder here as I was posting this and I asked him...

Who's this, on the photo?

"Uh mm, I don't know (thinking hard) - Mary and Joseph?"

Ha, ha.  I love it!!

More DPP here.

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