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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Urge to Purge

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** Random Photo.  I just like it - that is why I share it with you today.

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I woke up this morning with FIVE bags on my mind.

Not, Bags by Bevy!  Believe it or not.

But five regular, plastic grocery bags.  

Why Five?  

I have no idea... just a number.  In fact, if they get too full - it might turn into FIVE Garbage bags. ;)

MY GOAL today is to fill those bags.   
I've been on this urge to purge for a little while now.
(I bet that post title threw you for a loop, didn't it?)


Clothing closets.
Random Stuff.

So - see ya later!  
Do you think it can be done?

Maybe you'll be inspired to join me.  ;)


  1. YES!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely CAN be done.

    Will definitely join you! Did some yesterday, but need to keep going...... That way when the weather turns warm it will be easier to dust with all the window open!! : )

    1. Okay Kristy. Yes! and thanks for "joining me". I want to clarify something, with you and this is part of the joke between you me - okay? That FB conversation this morning? Maybe I shouldn't have used the "D" word so force-ably there... maybe I should have put it in quotes intead. But... yeah. Pretty much that contribution would make a sixth bag- okay? It would be "outta here".

      Ironically. When I mentioned to Scott this morning what was on my mind... I said "five bags"... he was like "geehz - why don't you just make it six?".

      The problem. Is. Getting a bag of hair accessories (a.k.a. banana clips, etc.) would be one that he would beg me to keep.


  2. Oh, I'm sure it can be done! It's sad, we moved here eight months ago and already our attic space is filling with yard sale/kjiji items! Terrible! You go girl! ;)

  3. Absolutely can be done!! I love the idea of a number of bags - instead of "this whole room..." that way it's do-able throughout the day. Ever unload the dishwasher, have to move that odd bowl again, and think why do I keep that??? Well, with the anything-goes-5-bag idea, in goes the bowl next to the $3 shoes from Walmart that never got worn and are now too small, and the kid's book that I just figured out we have 3 copies of...
    Love it!!
    Let us know how it worked out for you today!!

    1. Yes! By the way...

      It went very well. I had these five bags in my back pocket. I sorted, collected, threw out and filled... with a total of about 6 bags and a lot of trash. ;)

      Fun! and a real good feeling too.

    2. Just getting back to read your reply now! Good for you!

  4. Oh yes. I'll join. In fact, already started. There's something about the new year that gives the urge to purge. Got two big bags ready to donate.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I have a small pick-up truck and my mom and I filled the whole back of it today and took it to the thrift store. It felt so good! I think we still have more to do though!!! Melanie

    1. Good for you! I know that does feel really good, doesn't it? I've done this now in such dribs and drabs that it probably would have been a truckload.

      Great hearing from you again, Melanie. (that is, if this is Melanie P.?) ;)

  6. Two of my kids are moving out into their own place soon, and then I will starte the purge! I wanted to make sure they didn't need any of my junk. But, then, let the bag-filling begin!

    I always love your pictures, you do such a nice job of creating "atmosphere" with them.


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