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Friday, January 20, 2012

{friday} Favorite Things

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I'm having this random issue with my camera.
In order to see what MOST of my photos on there, I have to plug it into the computer and view them online.  I'm also running out of lots of memory on the camera card and so today...

I decided I would just throw a bunch of my favorite photos up on here, ones that didn't make their own blog post, as under my {friday}favorite things... just to get them off my camera and online... then I can delete everything off the camera and start over.  Whatta ya say?

In the meantime, I did find a few on my camera that will get their own post.  Can't wait to share those...

but here are a few the remaining, best of the best! 

My little daredevil, Aubrey, looks like she's levitating.

My cutie pie, Caleb.

I just love this photo of Aubrey.

Jayne with her Aunt Martha.  Having a great conversation, apparently. ;)

Oops!!  I dropped it...another piece of silverware?

Too funny! of Jayne here.

and, these are her huge smiles.

An attempt of a Christmas photo - it wasn't workin'.

Caleb on "kitchen duty", learning the ropes,  from his Aunt Gladys.

The other morning hearing their playful imagination at it's best...
What's going on up there?

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  1. Love these photos and that red hair so pretty. You have a lovely blog here.

  2. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings soraya

  3. These are GREAT!!! I like your new header too!!!


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