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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Finds | Toy Bin

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Well, I guess I haven't done a Friday's Finds post in a while... so here I am to show you one of my latest finds. 

Friday's Finds. you ask?

{For those of you who are new to this blog and/or just poppin' in - Hello and Welcome! On Fridays I like to try and feature "a find" of no particular value or sentiment, no reason or rhyme and yet, exactly for all of those reasons I just mentioned.}

A couple of weeks ago now, we were scouring through my aunt and uncles property (My uncle Roy, recently deceased.) - giving my aunt a hand in trying to rid of some excess "treasureable junk" and whatnot. 

There is a lot of history on that piece of property and one of the many treasures that I found that day was this old galvanized metal, two handled bucket/can.  Can you tell I don't know what to call it?

If someone could tell me the "exact" name and purpose of this thing, I would appreciate it.
I would venture to say that the condition of it is... eh...not too bad.  But rusty enough to make me want to do something about it. Safe?  My idea for this thing to become a *new* toy bin prompted me to think outside of the box, just a little.  If I wanted it to be a toy bin - it needed something to cover the majorly bits of rust.

I just so happened to have an empty cardboard diaper box sitting around.  So, I traced around the bottom of the metal bucket and cut it out...laying it in the bottom.

It's the perfect fit for a few toys to keep downstairs, under our TV/buffet cabinet, that sits in our living room.  And the kiddo's do pretty good at keeping the cardboard in place.  They know...now...it's part of the bucket.  Leave it alone.

I'm a sucker for anything galvanized and I love the look that it brings to our living room.  Both vintage and organized.  Well.  For the most part...

Have yourself a wonderful weekend, my friend.


  1. I love your new toy bin! I use galvanized stuff all over. My favorite bathroom was galvanized gray and green glass. May have to recreate that, you got me itchy to display more of my old treasures. I especially love the items when they have family history.

  2. Hi,
    My first visit here and really enjoyed your Friday Find. My mom had a huge container similar to yours and she used it to boil white clothes in on wash day. Like your idea for using it for toys much better. Hugz!

  3. Nice! I love finding things and repurposing them...(man I don't believe I can spell tonight at all...or maybe I can...that just didn't look right and I'm too tired to goodle it! HA!) Anyways, nice job!

  4. I love using old family things for a new purpose. It looks great with the kids' toys. Good job with the cardboard. That was clever.

  5. Love your recent find, it's very "Bevy Chic" & fits just right in your home. Also love the new header and full size pictures on your posts of late...looks really nice Bevy.

  6. While I love your new toybox, I recall that old galvanized tubs and wash tubs were coated in zinc to keep them from rusting. You may want to check out how safe your tub is to use for a toy box.

  7. I definitely appreciate your decorating style!! I can't imagine a more wonderful toy bin. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. @ Anita...
    thanks for your expressed concern. I'll have to check that out.

    @ Marge...
    Nice having you stop by my blog, here. Thanks for your comment and you know what, you're right! I checked it out even further myself and it seems that is what these tubs were orginally used for... boiling tubs for washing clothes. :)

  9. well.
    I would say you had me at the new header.
    which you did;-)
    but then.
    you had me at galvanization{i'm a terrible speller. is that correct?}

    oh I love this idea!!!

  10. Hi all, this is Bevy's other half...........Babe, I was going to use that to cure the deer in. You keep takin' all my 'tubs'.......(HAHA)..I am sure she will blog about this one day :)

  11. it could also be an old canner. Rachel


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